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The Luxury Car Collection Of Alia Bhatt And Ranbir Kapoor

Cars are one of the materialistic things that we Indians are guilty to be extremely fond of. Well, this goes for everyone, be it Bollywood stars, athletes, business people and everybody else. Indeed they’ll have a gem of a car connection. That said, today let’s focus on the car collection of Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.

  1. Land Rover Range Rover Vogue

    Range Rover Vogue | Aamir Khan & his cars
    Range Rover Vogue / Image for representation only

    One of the common cars that many celebrities own is the Land Rover Range Rover Vogue including Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. This reliable best starts at around Rs. 2.11 Crore and goes all the way up to 4.38 Crore* for the sporty SV variant. The base trims comes powered by a  3.0 – Litre inline 6 turbo petrol engine that is capable of generating a peak power of 394bhp and pushes about 550Nm of peak torque.

  2. Audi R8

    Audi R8 | Ranbir Kapoor Cars
    Audi R8 / Ranbir Kapoor Cars

    Who doesn’t love supercars? Ranbir Kapoor too has an undying desire for supercars as he bought an Audi R8. As of now, the R8 is no more on sale, but back when it was, the vehicle came powered by a 5.2-Litre naturally aspirated V10 petrol engine capable of producing peak power of 533bhp for the conventional and 602bhp for the V10 Plus variant. The torque sat at 540Nm and 560Nm respectively. Also, at the time of its availability, Audi R8 started at Rs. 2.30 Crore*.

  3. Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

    Mercedes G63 AMG | Ranbir Kapoor Cars
    Mercedes G63 AMG / Ranbir Kapoor Cars

    Indians are die-hard fans of SUVs, especially performance SUVs. Ranbir also likes to have a power-packed SUV in his garage in the form of a Mercedes Benz G63 AMG. This powerful SUV in its natural avatar comes with a 4.0-Litre bi-turbo (Twin turbo), V8 motor. This engine generates a whopping max power of 577bhp and 850Nm of peak torque. Now that is some serious power from an SUV. Nevertheless, more power comes with a hefty price tag of about Rs. 2.55 Crore*.

  4. Audi A8 L

    Audi A8L To Get a Long Wheelbase
    Audi A8L / Image for representation only

    The next vehicle on the list that is a part of the Ranbir Kapoor’s garage is the Audi A8L. Well, India gets only one long-wheelbase variant of this already huge Vehicle. Also, it is affordable among its rivals, the A8L indeed looks like a steal deal. That said, this long sedan has a starting sticker price of Rs. 1.58 Crore* in its latest avatar. Along with ultimate luxury features, the car also comes with a 3.0-Litre turbo V6. This motor under the hood generates 335bhp and 500Nm of peak torque. This allows the car to go from 0kmph to 100kmph in a claimed time of 5.7 seconds.

  5. Audi A6

    Audi A6
    Audi A6 / Image for representation only

    Alia Batt also loves Audis, as A6 is among the many Audi cars that she bought. Right now this car comes at a starting price of Rs. 59.84 Lakh*. At this price, the car comes with almost all the luxury features and a powerful 2.0-Litre turbo petrol engine. The caveat is that Audi A6 only comes with an FWD layout. Nevertheless, this engine is healthy enough to generate a peak power of 241bhp and 370Nm of maximum torque.

  6. BMW 7-series

    BMW 7-series
    BMW 7-series / Image for representation only

    The Indian actress Alia Bhatt also loves luxury as she also bought the company’s flagship luxury sedan, the BMW 7-series. The elegant sedan that comes with a truckload of features and creature comforts, has a starting asking price of Rs. 1.42 Crore* for the diesel and Rs. 1.44 Crore for the petrol variant. Since we have been talking all about petrol, let’s stick to that. Under the hood of the 7-series sits a 3.0-litre turbo petrol engine that is capable of generating 335bhp of max power and 450Nm of peak torque. 0-100 comes in a claimed time of 5.6-seconds.

  7. Audi Q5

    2020 Audi Q5 Facelift Spied Testing In Snowy Lapland
    2020 Audi Q5 / Image for representation only

    The next vehicle on the list that Alia Bhatt purchased is the Audi Q5. Q5 is among the most popular SUV of the brand in India. Audi has recently updated the Q5 in India and it packs more horses and a more modern and upmarket cabin. Speaking of the engine, the new motor is a 2.0-Litre TFSI that generates 249bhp of max power and 370Nm of peak torque. Also, a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission drives all the 4 wheels of the vehicle. The starting price of this SUV is Rs. 59.8 Lakh*.

  8. Audi Q7

    Audi Q7 Facelift
    Audi Q7 Facelift / Image for representation only

    Alia Bhatt has another Audi in her car collection, one of the most expensive, the Q7. Audi Q7 has been there on sale in the country for a while. Like the other cars in the company’s portfolio, Audi has recently given the Q7 a thorough update. In this new update, the car gets more creature comforts and a more efficient engine. Under the bonnet of the new Audi Q7, you’ll find a 3-litre V6 engine with mild-hybrid tech. This motor has a peak power output of 335bhp and produces maximum torque of 500Nm. The starting price of this huge SUV is relatively reasonable at Rs. 82.48 Lakhs*.

*Note: All the prices mentioned are ex-showroom prices and are subject to change without notice.

Utkarsh Bhardwaj
Utkarsh Bhardwaj
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