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With several car brands producing cars for the Indian market, each one offers its own distinct advantage and strongholds. As consumers, many times we desire a vehicle that has a little reflection of all the leading manufacturers. It is this very desire, on which we have based this quirky article. Borrowing a little from competitors, we will be looking at 5 cars that we wish were made by different carmakers. And since this entire list is totally for entertainment, I hope you’ll give it a light-hearted read and will take no offence. So let’s get started.

  1. Hyundai Figo

    The Figo

    The Figo is an extremely capable hatch when it comes to real-life performance and driving dynamics. But despite having a promising package, the Figo seems to miss out on the modern-day tech and features that are offered, onboard vehicles made by other car brands. So imagine what happens if the Figo is produced by our own Hyundai Motors. Well, the possibilities are infinite, but what we desire the most is the Figo getting advanced tech and comfort features that are currently seen onboard the 5th Gen i20. With a 10.25-inch touchscreen infotainment system, Blue Link connected car tech, all-digital instrument cluster, ambient lighting and much more, the Hyundai Figo will surely be irresistible.

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  2. Tata Swift

    The Swift Hatchback

    The Swift’s popularity in India knows no boundaries. As one of the most sold hatches all over the nation, the Swift comes as a brilliant package that combines Maruti’s affordability, efficiency and style. The only thing we miss onboard the Swift is top-class safety, which is offered by other car brands such as Tata Motors. Recently tested on the GNCAP crash test, the Swift managed to score only 2 stars. Now imagine if Maruti brings Tata onboard to develop Swift’s safety, things can get exciting. With Tata’s experience in creating safer hatches such as the Tiago and Altroz, the Tata Swift can be a promising product, enabling the Swift to score a perfect 5 star in safety too!

  3. Maruti Suzuki Octavia

    The Classy Octavia

    The Octavia is where absolute luxury begins for everyday Indian consumers. A sedan that’s high on style, features, luxury and driving dynamics, the only thing that goes off for the Octy is its saddening mileage of just 15.81 Kmpl which is quite less than what other car brands offer. Fast forward to our fictitious crossovers; imagine Maruti lending its mild-hybrid technology to Octavia’s 2.0-litre turbo-petrol engine. Well, we don’t know what impact would that make on the sales chart, but what we know for sure is that the Octavia will unlock a whole new level of mileage which can even get as high as the Ciaz’s 20.04 Kmpl. The Maruti Octavia if produced will surely impress the mileage heads for sure, and who knows the price falls as well.

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  4. Honda Vitara Brezza

    The Vitara Brezza

    The Vitara Brezza is one of the most sold subcompact SUV in India. Offering a balanced package that comes with modern looks, great efficiency and comfortable ride quality, the only thin Brezza fans miss is its Diesel engine. With Maruti taking off the diesel burners from the majority of its vehicles, things would have been so much better if Honda could lend its 1.5-litre iDTEC diesel burner to the Brezza. Well, while that may not happen in reality, it can surely happen here on our list. With an iDTEC diesel onboard, the Honda Vitara Brezza would be ready to rule the sales chart, all over again.

  5. Skoda Duster

    The Capable Duster

    Those who really know cars are aware of how capable the Duster is. With driving dynamics that can put major competitors to shame, the Duster has an evergreen approach to it. But when it comes to interiors, the Duster has always chosen to stick to its humble stance. But with competitors revamping both their interiors and exteriors, we feel it times the Duster up its game. And since we are all about crossovers today, why not bring Skoda onboard to design the Duster’s interiors. Lending features such as ambient lighting, ventilated seats, electronic sunroof, digital cluster, 10-inch infotainment and much more, the Skoda Duster would surely disrupt the competition with its interiors.

    So these were 5 fictitious car crossovers we wish were made by other car brands. With a plethora of cars saturating the Indian markets, we know the possibilities are endless. So comment down below with your suggestions, and who knows we come up with a part 2 very soon!

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