Ever had a glance upon all the symbols in the MID of your car that glow up when you switch on the ignition? All these car dashboard warning lights indicate something or the other about what your car may be going through. The car dashboard warning lights are the communication source through which your car tells you about any possible faults, leakages, etc. Read ahead to know more about them.

    1. Engine Warning Light:
      This is the most important among all the car dashboard warning lights. This light tells you about the soul that is the engine of your car. This yellow colored light should illuminate when you switch on the ignition but should go off as soon as the engine starts. If this light keeps glowing then you need to get your engine checked immediately to prevent stalling.

      Engine Warning Light | Car Dashboard Warning Light
      Engine Warning Light
    2. Engine Temperature Warning Light:
      Car dashboard warning lights like this one can also tell you about the temperature your car system is moving at. If this warning light glows up you need to immediately pull up to a corner and let your car cool down. Also if this symbol glows up repeatedly then you need to check the quality and level of your engine’s coolant.

      Engine Temp Warning Light | Car Dashboard Warning Light
      Engine Temperature Warning Light
    3. Oil Pressure Warning Light:
      This is the only among all the dashboard warning lights that tell you about a possible leakage. The driver gets to know the engine oil pressure from this light. If this light glows continuously then you must check for the engine oil level in your car and topping it up doesn’t help then contact a garage to get it sorted.

      Oil Warning | Car Dashboard Warning Light
      Oil Pressure Warning Light
    4. Battery Charging Warning Light:
      This indicates you about the battery health of your car. If this light is glowing continuously then the battery system of your car will possibly be having an issue. The battery won’t be charged enough to run the self start in this situation. A faulty alternator can be a straight guess for the root of this cause. This is a serious warning light as your car won’t even start if this keeps glowing continuously. Get your battery and alternator checked as soon as you notice this warning light.

      Battery Charging Warning Light | Car Dashboard Warning Light
      Battery Charging Warning Light
    5. Parking Brake Warning Light:
      Dashboard warning lights can be informative as well as cautionary just like this one. This light glows when the handbrake is in the pulled up position. If this light keeps glowing when you are driving and the handbrake is also not pulled up then your car may be low on brake fluid or something even more serious can be there which could need immediate attention.

      Parking Brake Warning Light | Car Dashboard Warning Light
      Parking Brake Warning Light: 
    6. Low Fuel Indicator:
      This looks exactly like the fuel dispenser and therefore is self-explanatory about its warning.
      This warning light warns about low fuel in your car. This glows up when the fuel level gets below the safe limit, no doubt you can go a few more kms with this light on but you need to find a fuel station as soon as possible.

      Low Fuel Indicator | Car Dashboard Warning Light
      Low Fuel Indicator
    7. Seat Belt Warning Light:
      This is there to simply remind you of your safety. Always put the seatbelt on before leaving. Unlike other dashboard warning lights, this one is just for general information and has no link with your car’s health.

      Seat Belt Warning Light | Car Dashboard Warning Light
      Seat Belt Warning Light

So the next time you step into your car don’t forget to have a look at all these lights and if there is anything to worry about, we at GoMechanic are here to help you out.


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