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Extended Warranty on New Car Purchase | Is It Really Necessary?

A new vehicle be it a two-wheeler or a four-wheeler comes standard with a warranty. Well, having a standard warranty is reassuring as you just invested in a brand and expect the vehicle to run without major problems. This is where the factory warranty comes in, especially those expensive bills and repairs. Sure! the time period and kilometres do vary from brand to brand.

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Most of the carmakers offer an option of the extended warranty, this means you can get extra time and kilometres before running out of warranty. No! nothing in this world comes for free and you have to pay to get the extended warranty. This puts us in a big dilemma of whether to get an extended warranty or just bounce. Before answering the question let see what it is all about.

What is an Extended Warranty?

Maruti Suzuki | Extended Warranty
Maruti Suzuki | Extended Warranty

Though each and every new vehicle comes with a standard warranty, that might be 2-years/40,000 kms, 3-years/60,000 kms etc. It solely depends on the manufacturer. But what to do when the standard warranty dies. This is where, the extended warranty comes in, but you have to spend a sum to buy that either at the time of vehicle purchase or in some cases before the standard warranty ends.

Thinking of buying an Extended Warranty?

In major situations, the warranty can be bought from the dealer when purchasing the vehicle. But sometimes, there are third party warranty service providers those giver a better deal over the company. With that said, mostly one has to buy it at the time of taking the delivery. But sometimes you can also get your car extended warranty before its standard warranty getting expired, you should confirm it before then though

Do remember to question the salesperson thoroughly before buying a scheme. Sometimes the sales executive might wrap you up with tempting deals. So make sure you ask everything, including the things covered in an extended warranty.

Is getting an Extended Warranty really Necessary?

Maruti Suzuki Standard Warranty
Maruti Suzuki Standard Warranty

This has more than just a simple answer. The vehicle use and time of re-sale are one fo the major deciding factors.

  • If you occasionally use your vehicle, it is recommended not to take the whole extended warranty package. Most of the time the stock warranty has several options but it is the more number of years you should settle for.
  • Using the vehicle extensively, or is it a diesel vehicle you drive. An extended warranty might be a good option, after all, diesel car maintenance is expensive.
  • If selling a car after some time is the sole motive, it’s nearly like wasting money. But on the other side, it can add a good amount when selling a car.
  • With everything aside, if you tend to maintain your vehicle with an authorized service center, buying the package is a really good option.
  • The car maker’s reputation does matter when deciding whether to buy one or to pass.

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Points to note, mostly the extended warranty covers the same as the typical factory warranty. But at times there might be some differences and to know that please read the documents carefully.

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Here are some hot selling cars and their warranty tenure

Warranty Period of Some top-Selling Cars

Manufacturer Model Standard Warranty Extended Warranty
Maruti Suzuki Swift 2-Years/40,000 kms 3-Years/60,000 kms,
4-Years/80,000 kms,
5-Years/1,00,000 kms.
Hyundai Creta 3-Years/Unlimited km OR
4-years/60,000 kms
5-years/50,000 kms
4-Year/80,000 kms,
5-Year/100,000 kms,
5-Years/1,40,000 kms.
Kia Seltos 3-Years/Unlimited km 4-Years/100,000 Kms,
4-Years/Unlimited Kms,
4 & 5-Year/120,000 Kms.

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