Automotive industry around the globe is moving at an alarming rate, ‘in a positive way’. Global car features, be it on the inside or the outside, safety or comfort, everything is skyrocketing when it comes to the tech and innovation involved. That said, with the new BS6 emission norms most of the Indian car makers have updated their vehicle lineup. These new cars possess many first time features and finally, mid-spec cars also get variants as standard.

  1. Tesla’s Sentry Mode

    Tesla's Sentry Mode
    Tesla’s Sentry Mode | Image Source (1)

    Do you get worried after parking your car? Well, this is for you. Tesla, when parked enters into a Sentry mode. Wherein it checks for suspicious movements around the car via the surrounding car cameras. If the car detects small threat like someone leaning on the car, it’ll display a warning on the screen and start recording the scenario.
    If the car senses a major threat, like someone trying to break in the car, it will sound the alarm and will notify the owner.

  2. Clear Sight Rear View

    Clear Sight Rear View
    Clear Sight Rear View | Image Source (1)

    Many luxury cars in the international market come with what they call a clear sight rearview mirror. This is more prominent in huge cars such as big SUVs, Long Luxury sedans etc. The carmakers install a camera on the tailgate and the video feed is displayed on the inner rear-view mirror. This can be turned on and off when needed. This feature reduces the blind spots as you look straight behind the car without anything intruding.

  3. Adaptive Cruise Control

    Adaptive Cruise Control`
    Adaptive Cruise Control | Image Source (1)

    You surely might have heard about cruise control, this is something that has made into the Indian markets a while back. But what is the Adaptive Cruise Control? and is it really necessary? Well, first things first, over the years Indian roads especially highways are maintained properly with proper lane markings. With that, we’d also love to have cars that can take advantage of the good maintenance. The adaptive cruise control is a part of the kit in automatic transmission. Unlike its technology, the working is fairly simple, the user has to set two attributes speed and the distance he/she wants to maintain. Rest the car will automatically do it. Yes! the car will drive with ease and will follow the marked lines on the road. This feature can also apply brakes and can also steer the car itself.

  4. Torque Vectoring

    Torque Vectoring
    Torque Vectoring | Image Source (1)

    Don’t go with the name, it does look too technical and might fly over out head, well it is non like that. Torque Vectoring also called brake vectoring is a really beneficial safety feature which allows to the car to stay under control. How does it do that? In simple language, a car equipped with torque vectoring will be more entertaining from behind the wheel. That said, the while cornering this feature applies little brakes on the inner wheel mimicking a limited-slip deferential. This allows a sharper turn and more grip around the corner. The fun part is, you’ll not feel the brakes being applied, just the effect of it.

  5. Blind Spot Detection System

    Blind Spot Detection System
    Blind Spot Detection System | Image Source (1)

    Its been a while that the most of the global cars come equipped with the blind-spot monitoring system. But here in India its a totally different story. It was not before 2 years back this feature came to our shores. Still, only the high-end car comes with this amazing and useful safety feature. A blind-spot detection system uses an optical sensor to detect the presence of another vehicle behind in the adjacent lane. As it detects a vehicle in the proximity, a light glows in the ORVM of the car you’re driving.

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  6. Automatic Emergency Braking

    Modern Car Safety features
    Automatic Emergency Braking

    Evermore safety features are being introduced in the vehicles across the globe, as we are missing out of many here in India. Automatic Emergency Braking is one of those gem features to save you from someone pouncing right in front of you. This is especially a god gift if a company introduces AEB in low-end budget cars. An ultrasonic transmitter is used to detect the obstacle in front, as soon as it detects something the car apples sudden brakes after giving a couple of repeated warning. This saves the vehicle from crashing into the obstacle.

  7. Lane Departure Warning

    Modern car safety features
    Lane Departure Warning

    Many safety features that the global cars come equipped with are a dream here in India, ‘Lane Departure Warning’ system is one of them. This is another safety feature that’ll make your life a bit easier out on the highway. Surely this will also kill the brains of the people not driving in the lane. Talking about that, there are plenty of them who do not follow the lane driving pattern. Lane departure warning system uses a camera up front that detects whether the car is in running between the lanes or not. If not, the car’s MID will display a warning to straighten the vehicle.

  8. Lane Keep Assist

    Lane Keep Assist
    Lane Keep Assist | Image Source (1)

    This is the safety feature that takes the lane departure warning (LDW) to a next level. Like the LDW, lane keep assist also uses the same camera upfront, but instead of warning you about the lanes, this will correct it by itself. On the other hand, it can also maintain lane driving out of the highway without your steering input. Provided you have to be alert.

  9. Massaging Seats

    Massaging Seats
    Massaging Seats | Image Source (1)

    Shifting from the safety features, massaging seats is something mostly the high-end cars come with here in India. But out in the International market, some budget cars too get this feature. You’ll surely enjoy the shoulder, thigh, lumbar massage on the go when sitting on the back seat or behind the wheel. Mind you! please don’t fall asleep when you are in control of the vehicle.

  10. Rear Cross-traffic Assist

    Rear Cross-traffic Assist
    Rear Cross-traffic Assist | Image Source (1)

    Shifting back to vehicle safety, it is really difficult to back a car up in a parking lot. It evermore increases if it is a tight space you’ve parked in. In this situation, it is really difficult to figure out whether someone is coming or not. This is where the ‘Rear Cross-Traffic Assist’ function comes in. It will sound an alarm as well as give a warning in the MID if someone approaches at the rear.

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Indian automotive have come a long way from forward and even closer to the cars in the International market. With time, surely many other features will be added in the car’s lineup here in India. That said, did we miss any of the features? do let us know in the comment section below. What do you think about these features?

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