5 Car Gadgets That Every Owner Must Have!

5 Car Gadgets That Every Owner Must Have!

Car gadgets have come a very long way in helping drivers with amazing information. While most luxury cars come with all these features, a lot of cars purchased by the masses don’t. Well, here’s a list of 5 car gadgets that every owner must have!

  1. GoConnect 2.0 OBD

    The GoConnect is the most affordable onboard diagnostic device for cars! You can set it up on your car in four easy steps and enjoy a lifetime of insider information about your car. The GoConnect 2.0 brings to you features like GPS Tracking, Theft Alert, Driving Behaviour Report, Tow Alert, Mileage tracking, and an all-new SOS feature. Click here and check out the ultimate DIY OBD device! This is surely one of the best car gadgets out there! No matter what city or area you are in, this device works buttery smooth!

    GoConnect OBD 2.0

  2. TPMS

    One of the most useful car gadgets, a TPMS, or Tyre Pressure Monitoring System, is a simple device that gives you an active reading of your car’s tyre pressure. 4 sensors are attached to the valve on the tyres and the reading is displayed on a screen that can be mounted anywhere in your car. This is especially useful for drivers who constantly keep forgetting to check the tyre pressure!

  3. Mobile Holder with Wireless Charging

    Don’t you hate it when you’ve mounted your phone on the windshield and all you can see are wires because your phone’s running low on battery? Well, this mobile holder doubles up as a wireless charger for obstruction-free vision! This is one of those car gadgets that you will only realise you need once you have it!

  4. Handy Tyre Inflator

    What to do when your TPMS is giving you warnings and you can’t spot a tyre shop nearby? Well, you use this small, light, and handy tyre inflator! This inflator will take up almost zero space in your car, and it’ll save you from a puncture!

  5. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

    Cars are meant to get dirty, but not from the inside. Everyone loves a clean, odour-free car when they sit in one. The GoMechanic Vacuum Cleaner is a small, very portable clean freak that will eat up all the dirt that comes into your car!

So, here were 5 car gadgets that every driver must have! What do you want to read next? Let us know in the comments below! Wondering where to buy all these 5? Download the GoMechanic app Now!