Buying a new car can be a good decision but only some of us know when to sell it out at the right time. Your car ownership experience can be a good one if you know when to sell it out. Keeping your machine for a long is good but sometimes, it can land you in trouble because you might have to bear huge repair costs which might even cost you more than the present cost of your vehicle! In today’s feature, we take you through 10 factors that you need to know in order to decide how long should you keep your car!

  1. Fitness Validity

    1999 Honda City

    Those who are reading this article from Delhi and NCR would know that if you have a petrol vehicle, your RC is valid for 15 years and on the other hand if you have a diesel vehicle, your fitness certificate is valid for 10 years. With the Indian government’s new scrappage policy going live soon, you will have to scrap your car out as soon as your car’s fitness certificate expires. Do you want to sell your car as scrap? Just imagine how much would you lose just to keep our car with you for 12-14 extra months!

  2. Odometer Reading

    Car Odometer
    Car Odometer

    You, as a car owner, must know how you have used your machine. Tracking your car ownership experience and schedule, you can easily tell how long would your car last. Normally, a machine is made to last above the 100k mark at least but if you have missed the service schedules or have misused the machine, it will definitely have a shorter life span. You should know how your machine is behaving.

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  3. The Health of Major Assemblies

    Automatic Gear Shift
    WagonR with plenty of features

    Your car comprises several small spare parts but those small things eventually build up big assemblies which obviously have a life span. Here, we are talking about things like compressor, steering rack, engine’s insider components and more which can cost way more to repair if we compare it to the present value of the car. If you suspect major failures coming together in the near future, you should know that it is just the right time to sell your vehicle off. This is because as long as it’s working, it will get you a better cost, obviously.

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  4. Outdated Features

    Tata Altroz | Infotainment System
    Tata Altroz | Infotainment System

    Technology is growing with each new day. While you are driving your old machine, you should keep an eye on the latest upgrades. We know there are aftermarket fitments for everything but if you own a very old car, chances are that your car is not capable of handling the upgrade or it is simply not compatible with your thing! Maintaining old things is good but make sure your car ownership doesn’t go outdated.

  5. Body Condition

    Rusting on car doors
    Rusting on car doors

    Your car’s body is meant to deal with a lot of things during your car ownership. Heat, rain and whatnot. Your car also goes through scratches and dents which you might ignore. As a result, your car’s metal body starts decaying and as soon as you notice rust buildups, you know that your car is not fir to be used anymore. To be safe, get an anti-rust treatment and ensure a prolonged life for your car’s body.

  6. Spare Part Availability

    2009 Chevrolet Cruze Type 1
    Chevrolet Cruze

    Another factor you need to consider is the spare part availability. Those who still own a Chevrolet might know the struggle of finding spare parts in the market. A similar thing is valid for rare cars. If you own a rare piece like Kizashi, you will struggle to find spares for sure. The best way out is to sell your car before the prices drop significantly.

  7. Resale Value

    Buying from a private seller
    Buying from a private seller

    Your car’s resale value is another factor that affects your ownership experience and the duration of your car ownership. If you are the first owner of the car, you will be the one facing the maximum depreciation for sure. On the other hand, if you are the second or the third owner, you need to keep an eye on the dropping value of your car and you need to be very careful about the point you actually have to exit at.

  8. Your City

    Value For Money: The Maruti WagonR
    Value For Money: The Maruti WagonR

    If you live in hilly areas, your car will build up different problems. If you live in coastal areas, your car might have different problems. Depending upon where you live, you car ownership experience can be different and so can be the duration of your car ownership. Keep a check on your car’s mechanicals and bodyline and decide what’s the best for you.

These were the 8 car ownership factors that let you decide on how long should you actually keep your car to make your experience a practically good one!

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  1. I have Maruti 800 of 1996…. it was my first car and I have kept it in running condition till Feb 2020… after that due to pandemic. .. now I want to get it sell…. How..I m sure there are right people in market..

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