New Car Safety Mandates You need to know about

New Car Safety Mandates You need to know about

To make the travel in vehicles in India, the country’s Transport Minister, Nitin Gadkari, has made many amendments to vehicle safety in India. These amendments include the addition of various vehicle safety features. These safety features lie in two broad categories, active safety and passive safety. Hence, it is important for all carmakers to introduce these safety features to sell their cars in India.

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Although The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways of India (MoRTH) had set forward different rules and regulations, recently it has released a new notification that states automakers must install some more safety features. This comes as the government is ready to enact severe laws.

According to the new notification and rules, here are some changes and mandates that the MORTH has proposed.

Additions in the vehicle safety rules

Rs 1000 Fine On Not Wearing Seatbelt In The Rear / car safety features

Now, every passenger in the vehicle is required to wear seatbelts. There will be an audio-visual warning if the seatbelt is not buckled. The seat belt alarm is now required in all vehicles in the M and N categories additionally, a child lock will not be allowed in M1 category vehicles.

But you might be wondering what are the M and N category vehicles.

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M Category: Vehicles with at least four wheels used to transport people.

N Category: vehicles with motors that are at least four wheels and are used to transport things

The amendments to the safety feature regulations.

Seatbelt Specifications

The seat belt must be stretched by at least 10 mm in order to be used; this will stop many different goods from shielding users from the lock’s warning.

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Seatbelt Reminder Dashboard Warning Light / car safety features

Now, the cars will have to feature, a Video warning when the vehicle’s engine is started. And audio video warning when the vehicle is moving. Also, the alarm will go on if the passenger removes the belt during the journey.

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Reverse Alarm

Also, now reversing the alarm for the M and N category vehicle is compulsory.

Additionally, MORTH has also maintained the use of 6 airbags for M1 category vehicles from 1st October 2022. Now, most of the cars on the road will support 6 airbags.

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This was all about the mandate from the MORTH for vehicle safety in India. Let us know in the comment section below what you think of vehicle safety. Also, which another vehicle safety feature is better to incorporate in modern cars?

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