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Car Sales Report March 2020 | Coronavirus Kills The Automobile Industry

Car Sales report for March 2020 is here but the saddest thing here is that this one is one of the worst year-end for the automotive market. The automotive industry of India came across a lot of hurdles in this financial year. Some of them were due to the BS6 transition or other upcoming norms. Due to these upcoming norms, the demand fell drastically and the automakers had to suffer. Some of them paused production while the others had to let go a certain number of workers to maintain the balance.

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The auto industry was overcoming all the difficulties. We saw a decent rise in demand after December 2020. You can consider the attractive offers and discounts to be the reason. The car sales report for March 2020 is again a dent on the graph. This is because of what the world is going through right now. Many strong economies across the globe have slowed down due to this pandemic.

Maruti Suzuki pushing CNG Vehicle sale | Car sales report March 2020
Maruti Suzuki pushing CNG Vehicle sale | Car sales report March 2020

Countries are observing lockdowns and therefore, the production lines and the showrooms are closed. Needless to say, the sales report for March 2020 is where the OEMs have seen extremely low car sales, huge losses and now some of them are dealing with the unsold BS4 inventory that lies in the dealerships. Here we share the individual number by each manufacturer:

Car Sales Report March 2020

Rank Manufacturer March 2020 March 2019 YoY Growth
1 Maruti Suzuki 76,240 1,45,031 -47%
2 Hyundai 26,300 44,350 -41%
3 Kia Motors 8,583
4 Toyota 7,023 12,818 -45%
5 Tata Motors 5,676 17,810 -68%
6 Honda 3,697 17,202 -79%
7 Ford India 3,510 8,271 -58%
8 Mahindra 3,383 27,637 -88%
9 Renault 3,269 7,127 -54%
10 MG Motors 1,518
11 Nissan 826 2,902 -72%
12 Skoda 451 1,401 -68%
13 FCA 163 1,521 -89%
14 Volkswagen 131 2,751 -95%

India’s favourite automaker, Maruti Suzuki sold a total of 1,45,031 units in March 2019. In this car sales report of March 2020, we see that even MSIL fell by almost 50%. They managed to sell only 76,240 units this time. This is not a bad number but considering the fact that this belongs to MSIL, this isn’t great either.

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Moving further, Hyundai saw a 41% degrowth while Kia Motors 8,583 units in the previous month. This figure is surely an impressive number for an automaker who just entered the Indian market and has only 2 vehicles to sell right now. Kia Motors has really done wonders despite the ongoing crisis. Toyota and Tata Motors follow with a per cent degrowth of 45% and 68% respectively. The worst dip we can see in the table is for the German automaker Volkswagen. Volkswagen reported a dip of 95% in the car sales report of March 2020.

Kia Seltos
Kia reported good sale numbers despite crisis | Car Sales Report March 2020

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The COVID-19 outbreak is the main reason why all the automakers have reported huge dips in the car sales report of March 2020. Initially, the raw materials that mostly come from China were difficult to obtain and now that the virus has made its way to India, we are in a complete lockdown. The Supreme Court has allowed a 10-day sale period for BS4 vehicles once the lockdown ends. Let’s see if this can revive the sale number in any manner. The auto industry in India has experienced massive blows this year. As a result, it will take some time to get back to normal.

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