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Car Sales Report November 2021 (Brand-Wise)

Carmakers have revealed the numbers for November 2021, and the sales are not attractive. Manufacturers have ended the last month on a sad note, affected due to the severe chip shortage. Maruti & Hyundai, who ruled the primary market, have reported considerable losses.

Carmakers sold about 2,45,217 cars last month, which is a 14% decline as compared to November 2020, with a sale of 2,86,236 vehicles. Let’s look at the individual YoY performance of the brands:

  1. Maruti Suzuki-109,726

    Maruti Suzuki Cars Launching In 2022
    Maruti Suzuki Cars Launching In 2022

    Maruti Suzuki sold 109,726 vehicles last month, which reports a 19.9% loss compared to the 1,35,775 cars sold in November 2020. They have the largest share in the Indian automotive market, but that has been impacted due to the semiconductor chip shortage.
    The component shortage has negatively affected the production at the respective plants leading to a decline of almost 20%.

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  2. Hyundai-37,001

    Hyundai Creta Facelift

    Hyundai has also reported a loss with only 37,001 cars sold in November 2021. This results in a 24% decline compared to November 2020, with 48,800 sales. They have also lost a significant share of the market.

  3. Kia-14,214

    Kia also accounted for a de-growth of 32.4%. They sold only 14,214 cars in the previous month, which led to a loss compared to 21,022 vehicles in November 2020.

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  4. Tata-29,778

    Tata is one of the two carmakers that have reported growth instead of losses. Last November, Tata only sold 21,641 cars, up to 29,778 vehicles in the previous month. This results in a 37% growth; even in the EV segment Tata has seen a significant rise in the numbers.

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  5. Mahindra-19,458

    Mahindra XUV700 Comes In 34 Variants
    Mahindra XUV700 Comes In 34 Variants

    Mahindra has secured the fourth rank among the top 5 brands. The second-generation Thar, Scorpio & Bolero have significantly accounted for a growth of 8.27%. They sold 19,458 vehicles the previous month.
    This number will only go higher with successful launches such as the XUV700 and the upcoming SUVs.

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  6. Volkswagen-3,000

    Volkswagen Taigun Launched In India
    Volkswagen Taigun Launched In India

    VW has also reported a more than double growth of 112.46%. They have successfully done more than just doubling their November 2020 from 1,412 to 3,000 cars in a month, and their T-range of SUVs might help them reach further heights.

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  7. Skoda-2,196

    Skoda Slavia, Everything You Need To Know
    Skoda Slavia, Everything You Need To Know

    Skoda has performed similarly to their parent brand VW with a growth of 107.95%. They have reached 2,196 from 1,056 cars last November. Also, with the new Slavia launched, sales are expected to go higher.

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  8. Nissan-2,651

    5 most affordable CVT cars
    Nissan Magnite

    Nissan has also been among the growth reporters due to the well-performing Magnite. They have reported a growth of 160%, which is the highest. They have reached to selling 2,651 cars in November 2021 from 1,017 in last November.

  9. Toyota-13,003


    Toyota has also reported a growth of 52.83% compared to November 2020. They managed to sell 13,003 cars, significantly higher than the 8,508 cars sold previously. Maruti Suzuki’s ongoing collaboration also has more products such as the Belta and 2 SUVs.

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  10. Honda-5,457

    Honda is among the bottom with severely impacted sales reporting a loss of 45%. They managed to sell only 5,457 cars the previous month, nearly half of 9,990 vehicles sold in November 2020. The City was the best performing product from their line-up.

  11. MG-2,481

    MG has also reported a severe loss of 40%. Their newly launched Astor could not rev up the numbers due to the semiconductor shortage. They only sold 2,481 cars in the previous month and 4,163 vehicles in November 2020.

  12. Jeep-1,100

    Jeep Commander to be called Jeep Meridian?
    Jeep Commander to be called Jeep Meridian?

    Jeep has witnessed a significant growth of 55.15%, with their sales number reaching up from 709 to 1,100 cars this November. With their upcoming 7-seater version of the Compass known as Meridian, sales are expected to increase.

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  13. Renault-5,052

Renault has been impacted the most with a de-growth of 50.38%. They only managed to sell 5,052 cars, almost half of their sales in November 2020. The 2022 Duster, if brought to India, can help them rev things up.

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