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Cars Catching Fire on Roads | Scam or Reality?

Recently, there have been a few reports of cars catching fire on the roads. It may be relatively rare for a vehicle to catch fire, but there can be various reasons behind it. Car fires can be extremely dangerous and damaging, posing a life-threatening threat to the occupants. There have been reports of both EVs & IC-engine cars catching fire on the road. While it may not necessarily be a scam, let’s see what we know:

EVs Catching Fire

Tata Nexon EV Fire Incident has a lesson for all electric car owners in India | Electric Vehicles News, Times Now

EV enthusiasts might start to get worried about incidents involving electric cars on fire. We had already seen several reports of electric two-wheelers catching fire and facing issues, but this could be something major. There have been two reports of the Nexon EV catching fire in June 2022 and April 2023.

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While we do not have the details of the first incident, the latest incident occurred due to repairs done by an unauthorized workshop. After an analysis, Tata Motors stated that most of the damage was in the area where the repairs were conducted. The user had one of the headlights replaced, which further led to short-circuiting and fire around the same area. This is a lesson for all EV owners to get their EVs repaired at authorized service centers only.

IC Engine Cars Burning Up

Kia Seltos catches fire while driving: Service centre repairs it for free

There have also been reports of IC engine cars catching fire. Recent reports showcase an incident that occurred five days ago where an XUV700 bought six months ago caught fire on the Jaipur highway. After the investigation, it was reported that the SUV had aftermarket parts such as illuminated scuff plates and lighting. The wiring done for these accessories resulted in a short circuit that caused the fire. Thankfully, no injuries were reported to the owner or the family.

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There was another incident reported in July last year about a Kia Seltos catching fire. The owner had reported several issues during the nine-month ownership. But the car caught fire while on its way to Jaipur. The owner just had the AC unit replaced, and mechanics commented that any delay in the replacement could have resulted in a fire.

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But after an hour of repairs, smoke started coming out of the engine, and the car caught fire. The car was repaired for free by the service center with a total estimate of about ₹6 lakh. The owner also stated that during the nine months of his car ownership, the car was in the service center for three months.

Safety Measures

Cars are complex machines with a lot of mechanical and electrical moving parts, including frictional and flammable components. There can be various reasons for a car to catch fire, be it a collision, a manufacturing defect, or a simple electrical failure. As soon as you notice any symptoms, such as temperature warnings or smoke. It is better to get out of the car, alert the others away from the car, and contact emergency services.

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While some fires might have been caused by unauthorized parts or manufacturing defects, it is important to note that not all car fires are the result of manufacturing defects. Poor vehicle maintenance, improper modifications, or external factors like accidents, arson, or vandalism can also contribute to fires.

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