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5 Once Popular Cars That Faded Into Oblivion

The Indian automotive market is a fierce place to complete. Every couple of months a new vehicle enters the market, as a few fade into oblivion as market dynamics change. From being massively popular to being just a memory, here are 5 such popular cars that faded into oblivion with time.

  1. Toyota Corolla Altis

    Toyota Corolla Altis
    Toyota Corolla Altis

    The “Corolla” badging has always been special for Toyota. Being one of the most popular C segment cars in India since 2003, the Corolla sedan arrived in its 10th generation with an Altis suffix attached in 2010. This all-new Corolla Altis was one of the best looking C segment sedans back then, which was massively popular for its build quality, CVT automatic, ample safety and loads of features. The vehicle became quite popular amongst premium sedan buyers. However, as the market grew, demand for premium C-segment sedans fell short, leading to the discontinuation of the Corolla Altis in 2020.

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  2. Honda BR-V

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    Honda BR-V

    First arriving in 2015, this crossover SUV/MPV from the house of Honda was offered with two highly capable engines: the 1.5-litre iVTEC and iDTEC units. The BR-V became quite a hit in its initial days, thanks to its overall stance, high practicality and superb diesel efficiency. As time passed, the demand for the BR-V saw a gradual decrease that was as quick as the vehicle’s initial success. In 2020, merely 5 years after the launch, Honda pulled the plugs, and the BR-V faded away.

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  3. Honda Accord

    2016 Honda Accord Hybrid
    2016 Honda Accord Hybrid

    Probably one of the best premium sedans ever to hit the Indian market, the Honda Accord is has been one of the most popular cars since 2001. Receiving it’s second-generation rather quickly in 2004, the Accord has ever since been the flag bearer of luxury sedans in India. This was also the model which gave us Indians the taste of a 3.0 litre V6. As years passed, the Accord’s popularity grew with the company bringing in the V6 powered third-gen in 2008, followed by a hybrid in 2016. However as the BS6 norms approached, the Accord’s demands took a hit, with it bidding its final goodbyes in 2020.

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  4. Ford Ecosport

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    Ford Ecosport

    The vehicle that started the compact SUV segment in many ways, the Ford Ecosport was one of the most popular cars and the most balanced compact SUVs in the market. Since its launch in 2013, the Ecosport throughout its legacy has delivered superior performance, great drivability and a peppy powertrain. The award-winning 1.0 litre Ecoboost engine is still one of the best Ford has ever offered in India. But as all good things come to end, the Ecosport said its goodbyes, as Ford decided to shut operations in India.

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  5. Ford Endeavour

    Ford Endeavour Sport | Exterior
    Ford Endeavour Sport

    Going along as Ford bids adieu to the Indian market, the Endeavour too became an icon that now fades into oblivion. First launched in 2003, the sizable SUV from the American auto giant brought about an evolution of consumer sentiments in India. All of a sudden people were interested in sizable SUVs like the Endeavour that offered maximum practicality, superior power and a comfortable ride for the entire family. For over 18 years, the Endeavour charmed the masses, ending its legacy much recently, as Ford decided to say leave the Indian market.

    So these were 5 great cars that eventually faded into oblivion. We know there are a lot of other iconic vehicles too that sadly shared the same fate. Comment down below with your addition to the list and stay pinned to the GoMechanic blog for everything automotive.

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