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10 Cars That Said Good Bye To India In 2021-2022

Cars in India that were luxury have become a necessity for many. For that, the R&D goes an extra mile to make the cars suit the needs of the majority of the car buyers. That said, some cars end up not selling, and some despite lacking some features and old designs end up selling for years. But eventually, we have to say good buy, after all, technology and aesthetics are best when they keep changing. Hence, today we’ll look at 10 such cars that we said goodbye to in 2021 and 2022.

  1. Skoda Rapid

    Skoda Rapid

    Among the first vehicle to leave the Indian market is the Skoda Rapid. This C-segment sedan did give Skoda some serious business towards its end of innings. Skoda Rapid was a part of the Indian automotive industry for almost a decade and was indeed liked by many, especially us petrol heads.

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    Skoda Rapid was discontinued for one it had become outdated and also, Skoda was about to launch the Slavia back then. Rapid, in its last stage, came with only a 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine that was capable of generating 110ps of max power and 175Nm of peak torque.

  2. Volkswagen Polo

    Volkswagen Polo Comfortline
    Volkswagen Polo Comfortline

    Polo, certainly this needs no introduction. After almost a decade, at least from the outside, the hatch never looked boring. Thanks to its timeless design, the hatchback fit just right in this era of cars with lots of cuts and creases and an aggressive stance.

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    To get rolling possibly with the new Polo, Volkswagen pulled the plug on the vehicle. Indeed it was in a dire need of a generation change. It also came with a 1.0-litre naturally aspirated and a turbo petrol engine after switching to BS6 emission norms. No Diesel was on offer.

  3. Volkswagen Vento

    Volksfest Edition Volkswagen Vento
    Volksfest Edition Volkswagen Vento

    The latest vehicle that we said good buy in 2022 is the Volkswagen Vento. Sharing the same platform as Skoda Rapid, Vento too was amongst those cars that got us Indians hooked with its engines and spirited driving dynamics. But to replace the sedan in the company’s portfolio, with Volkswagen Virtus, the company decided to pull the plug on Vento.

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    Like the Skoda in the last leg of the vehicle’s production, Vento came with just one engine. A 1.0-litre turbo petrol engine that generated the same power as Rapid. Even they had the same 6-speed MT or 6-speed AT (Torque Converter) gearboxes.

  4. Toyota Yaris

    Toyota Yaris | BS6 Cars From Toyota
    Toyota Yaris | BS6 Cars From Toyota

    The jack of all trades and master of none, Toyota Yaris. Yaris was Toyota’s attempt to take on the sales of the segment leaders like Honda City and Hyundai Verna. Where being a typical Toyota, was reliable, didn’t really transform the sales numbers.

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    Toyota Yaris came with a decent list of features with quality interiors. Still, people never were inclined towards Toyota. Finally, to have a sedan in the Indian market, Toyota did which was quite predictable. Enters, Toyota Belta or what we’d call Toyota Ciaz. Yes, it essentially is the rebadged Ciaz for India

  5. Ford EcoSport

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    Ford EcoSport

    Launched in 2012, Ecosport was not precisely the first vehicle in its segment, but surely it gave a mighty boost to its class. We think it is right to say that Ford Ecosport was the first best-selling subcompact SUV in India. Having a set of powerful diesel and petrol engines and brilliant driving dynamics, it lends the car a go-anywhere attitude.

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    Well, this was the reason for Ecosport selling big. Alongside, Ford Ecosport was among the vehicles at its price to get turbo petrol engine in India. But with the company, the subcompact SUV also sailed away.

  6. Ford Figo

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    Ford Figo / Discontinued cars

    Let’s talk about the most powerful vehicle in its segment when it was new, Ford Figo. How can we talk power and not talk about the engine? Under the hood, Ford Figo was powered by a 1.2-litre four-cylinder engine capable of generating a peak power of 92ps.

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    Also, the diesel mill was capable of generating 100ps of max power. This offered the hatch an above-average power to weight ratio. Also, the company gave multiple shots at updating the vehicle and giving it a sporty character. But if the whole company leaves, that’s a big scenario.

  7. Ford Endeavour

    Ford Endeavour
    Ford Endeavour / Discontinued cars

    It’s a sad feeling when the complete company windes up their business and the elegant portfolio of cars they have. The American carmaker Ford was among our favourites and also, they had a cult of their own including the Ford Endeavour. Endeavour has been a part of the market in India for more than a decade.

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    And because of its ultimate response, Ford was bound to update it frequently. That did help the manufacturer with the sales. But alas, the recently updated Ford Endeavour was not able to continue its tenure in India.

  8. Honda Civic

    2020 Honda Civic BS6
    2020 Honda Civic BS6 / Discontinued cars

    Next, let’s talk about the poster car in India, Honda Civic. Civic was famous for its ultimate performance and really good driving dynamics back when it was launched in India in 2006. But wait, what happened in 2019? Didn’t that car offer a good engine? No, in 2019 the car offered the same 1.8-litre engine with some refinement.

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    It’s hard to see that the car has brilliant driving dynamic but not a powerful engine to complement the drive. Like the chassis, the steering was precise and confident. On the design aspects, the car was again seemed to arrive from the future with its cutting edge design and features. Still, with the comeback too, Civic was not able to sell big and we had to say good buy to the vehicle in 2021.

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  9. Honda CR-V

    Honda CR-V | Top BS4 SUV Discounts
    Honda CR-V / Discontinued cars

    The car made its debut in the year 2001, though it was available in India this Honda was an import. That is the cost of the CR-V was significantly high. Due to this only rich people thought about buying one. But the-then new crossover surely turned heads with its big yet compact appeal with bold stance.

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    In 2018, Honda CR-V came a long way and offered a plethora of new things, including a tech-savvy interior and a 2.0-litre naturally aspirated petrol engine generating 154bhp of power and 189Nm of peak torque. But having relatively low sales, the car was discontinued in 2021.

  10. Ford Aspire

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    Ford Aspire CNG / Discontinued cars

    The next car to exit India this year is the Ford Aspire. It is hard to break down that Aspire was indeed a well quipped and value for money vehicle, but it could not make a dent in the market. In addition to the features, Ford Aspire was also known to have exceptional driving dynamics.

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    But now, it has become another car that is just a part of the used car market. Aspire was essentially part of the hatch-sedan combo borrowed a lot from the Figo. With the company wrapping up its business, Aspire too sailed away. 

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