The automotive market is a typical and extensive affair as the number of vehicles sold depend on how well do you study the market and also, how well do you know your customers. In India, it is a little hard to predict and study the market. So, in the end, the companies usually do all the research and just bring a vehicle to the Indian market and wait. Sometimes this goes south and at times it hits the bull’s eye. This is where some good study comes in. Speaking of which, today we count 8 cars in India that became an instant hit as soon as they hit the market. So, here it goes!

  1. Renault Duster

    Renault Duster at the Auto Expo
    Renault Duster at the Auto Expo

    It was July 2012 when Renault brought subcompact SUV Duster, into the Indian market. Well, Renault Duster was among the first affordable SUV in its segment after Skoda Yeti.

    • That said, after its launch the company got a phenomenal response from the Indian customers.
    • First launched in 9 cities it was sold in big numbers. This had to do with the features that the SUV offered.
    • Along with that Duster was and is still known to have an exceptional ride quality best suited for ‘Indian roads’.

      Renault Duster Turbo Petrol Interior
      Renault Duster Turbo Petrol Interior
    • Under the hood, the top-selling engine was a 1.5-Litre turbo diesel that was capable of producing 85ps and 110ps.
    • Well, to add a little more fun to the Renault Duster, the company gave it an AWD drivetrain later in the years.
    • Sadly, it was discontinued after the implementation of the BS6 emission norms.

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  2. Ford Ecosport

    Ford EcoSport
    Ford EcoSport

    Moving on to the carmaker that has already wrapped up its India operations, Ford.

    • The paramount reason Ford leaving in India is the low sales numbers. But this has not been the case in the early 2010s.
    • In 2012 Ford India got the subcompact SUV Ecosport in India. For Ford, the Ecosport was a big gamble as it was among the first SUVs in its segment.

      Ford EcoSport | Interior
      Ford EcoSport | Interior
    • Yes, Premier Rio was a thing back then, but for some obvious reasons, it did not do well. Next, the success of subcompact SUVs was in the hands of Ecosport.
    • Nonetheless, Ecosport rightfully did the duties for Ford as well as for the segment and became an instant hit after its launch.
    • Up till now, the Ecoposport used to offer a mouth-watering package but still was in desperate need of a facelift. That said before any further development could happen Ford decided to stop the production for India. (SAD)

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  3. Kia Seltos

    2021 Kia Seltos | Front Profile
    2021 Kia Seltos | Front Profile

    Moving on to the Korean carmaker Kia. Kia, owned by Hyundai came to the Indian market in 2019 with their compact SUV Seltos. And without giving time to its rivals, Kia Seltos became one of India’s favourite cars.

    • The reason behind the Seltos success is the overall package and the price at which it is offered.
    • Seltos in India comes loaded with many first in segment features like a part digital instrument cluster, a heads up display and a 360-degree camera to name a few.
    • The story continues when we take a peek under the hood. Kia Seltos comes with an option of a couple of petrol engines and a diesel motor. Yes, all of these offer brisk propulsion to the car when accelerating hard.

      10.25-inch Infotainment System at Kia Seltos
      Kia Seltos Interior
    • Now, with subtle updates, Kia is still keeping up with the market and it still is one of the cars to have good sales numbers. Related Read: Kia Seltos X-Line Launched at ₹17.79 Lakhs!
  4. Hyundai Creta

    Updated Hyundai Creta
    Upcoming Hyundai Creta Facelift / Image for representation only

    After all, Koreans have figured the secret of surviving in the Indian market. The next vehicle to become an instant hit is the Hyundai Creta.

    • It was 2015 when Hyundai experimented with Creta in the Indian market. In typical Hyundai fashion, it was packed with features up to the brim. With that, it also offered supremely refined and powerful diesel and petrol engines.
    • Though the car was priced slightly on the higher side, people in India, rather found the car value for money. There was no such rival at that price point back then.

      2020 Hyundai Creta Infotainment System
      2020 Hyundai Creta Infotainment System
    • Now, with its generation change, Creta looks even more promising and has constantly been the company’s best selling car for a long time now.
    • Indeed it is one of the successful cars in India.Mega Comparo! Mahindra XUV700 Vs Hyundai Creta, Extensive Comparison!
  5. Toyota Innova

    car prices then vs now
    Toyota Innova Crysta

    Since 2009 Toyota Innova has been moving people from point A to point B in comfort in India. Be it a taxi or a personal vehicle, Toyota Innovas are built to last. There rarely has been a Toyota that has done lakh of kilometres and failed on the road.

    • Toyota Innova now has become a family member than just a vehicle. Most of the big families have and will always prefer Innova over any other vehicle.
    • After all, it is one of the most comfortable people’s movers in the market to date.

      Toyota Innova vs Kia Carnival
      Toyota Innova Seating Configuration / Interior
    • Innova with Toyota’s trust and roomy cabin makes it the perfect companion for long rides.
    • Until now, many carmakers in India did try to share Innova’s market but alas failed.Which is better? Hyundai Alcazar vs Toyota Innova Crysta | The Perfect 7 Seater?
  6. Nissan Magnite

    5 most affordable CVT cars
    Nissan Magnite

    The Japanese carmaker that was struggling especially after the implementation of the BS6 norms has the answer to its rivals. Comes the Nissan Magnite.

    • Possibly the perfect value for money vehicle one can buy right now here is Nissan Magnite.
    • Launched in 2020, it offers a plethora of features with a powerful engine.
    • Though most of the features in Nissan Magnite are not first in the segment, surely the price at which they are offers is something astonishing.

      Nissan JBL Sound System
      Nissan JBL Sound System
    • All this along with a 4-star rating in the ASEAN NCAP, what else one needs.
    • Well, for you to know, at some places in India, there is a waiting of more than 6 months for Magnite.
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  7. Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza


    How can we forget the carmaker that has the maximum share in the Indian automotive market, Maruti Suzuki? Yes, they too struggle with new cars launched at times. (eg, Baleno RS, S-Cross). But keeping that aside, the car that didn’t even see dark days here is the Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza.

    • Maruti Vitara Brezza entered the Indian market in 2016 and is having a ball of a time here ever since.
    • Vitara Brezza has mostly been in the top 10 selling cars in India if not the best selling.
    • That said, at the time of its launch the Vitara Brezza came with only a diesel motor.
    • But with Maruti ditching the diesel after BS6, now Maruti Brezza only comes with a petrol engine. Also, this petrol engine is bigger and more powerful than the diesel counterpart.

      Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza | Interior
      Maruti Suzuki Vitara Brezza | Interior
    • Speaking of which, right now, the Brezza comes with a 1.5-Litre naturally aspirated petrol engine that pushes 105ps of max power.

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  8. Tata Nexon

    Tata Nexon Dark Edition
    Tata Nexon Dark Edition

    2017 was the year when Tata launched their first subcompact SUV in India. At first, people here were a little sceptical about the SUV but later the SUV grew on the people’s hearts. Now it is the top-selling vehicle in Tata’s lineup.

    • the Nexon comes with a powerful engine for its size. Tata Nexon comes with a 1.2-litre 3-cylinder turbo petrol engine under the hood.
    • The motor generated 120ps and 170 Nm of peak torque. It is mated to a 6-speed manual transmission or a 6-speed AMT.
    • On the inside, the Nexon has a decently long equipment list. For instance, Tata Nexon comes with a TMPS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) and also India’s favourite sunroof.
    • That said, this is also among the safest vehicle in the Indian market. Nexon is known to have scored a full 5-star rating in the global NCAP crash test rating.

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Tell us which is your favourite car from the list. Also, don’t forget to mention why.

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