Understanding the customer’s thinking should be a top priority to survive in any automotive market. The Majority of people in a country like India are now more focused on cost-effective cars. In other words, the vehicle must be easy on the pocket and also include top-of-the-line gadgets and gizmos. However, for various reasons, the carmakers fail to convince the public by launching the vehicle at a great vehicle at a greater price than its competitors. In the end, this could result in low sales and, unfortunately, the car’s demise. To put some light on the same, we’ve compiled a list of six Indian automobiles that were killed by poor pricing strategy. Let’s have a look, shall we?

  1. Nissan Kicks

    Nissan Kicks
    Nissan Kicks

    One of the potent vehicles from the Japanese carmaker was or rather is the Nissan Kicks. In 2019, Nissan took the challenge up a notch and introduced this potent SUV Kicks. Back then it was powered by the same 1.5-litre turbo diesel as the Duster and could generate 110ps of max power. Though it was feature-packed for the time and was also well built, not many people preferred Nissan Kicks because of the high prices.

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    Even worse, by then, Nissan was not renowned for making such expensive cars, so people were sceptical. Fast-forwarding to 2020, Nissan introduced the Kicks with the segment’s most powerful turbo petrol engine. But this time around, the prices were just. Still, people didn’t prefer Kicks. (There goes a potent vehicle in vain)

  2. Honda Civic

    BS6 Honda Civic Diesel
    BS6 Honda Civic

    Moving on, to one of the legendary cars that were a part of the Indian market, the Honda Civic. Civic, as soon as we hear the name, it’s evident that we start imagining a car with low ground clearance, an aggressive nose and that futuristic and beautiful dashboard. Well, Honda Civic was one of our childhood dreams.

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    Alas, after some years, 6 to be exact, Honda pulled the plug over the first Civic sold in India. Later in 2019 Honda did bring back the legend with a generation change. But without further Honda could have done, it became a dud. The reason? Click here to know more.

  3. Honda Jazz (1st gen in India)

    Remembering The Honda Jazz In India
    Remembering The Honda Jazz In India / Over Priced Cars

    Honda’s first entry into the Indian automotive industry was the c-segment sedan City. After accomplishing the desired share of the market in the 2000s, Honda came up with a premium hatchback Jazz. Jazz was pitched against the likes of the still segment leader Hyundai i20.

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    That said, Honda Jazz was priced a notch above the i20 and also offered features that were a little inferior to that of the Koreans. The things escalated even further when considering the service cost which was again higher than its competitors. Henceforth, soon after its launch, Jazz didn’t see much daylight.

  4. Honda Accord

    2016 Honda Accord Hybrid
    2016 Honda Accord Hybrid / Over Priced Cars

    Like the Civic, Honda Accord was also among the first luxury cars to hit the Indian market in the 2000s. It did well, as it offered some first in class luxury features and cost a little less than its rivals. We too, have Honda Accord on our list of nostalgic cars. One of the reasons Honda Accord is famous is not only because of its sheer size but also its powertrain.

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    The first-gen did come with a naturally aspirated 3.2 V6 engine along with a 2.4-litre i-VTEC inline 4. And Oh Boy! the V6 was darn powerful. Fast-forwarding to 2016, Honda brought back the Accord but with a hybrid powertrain. Also, it was a CBU unit, meaning it was way expensive considering its rivals. Hence, this generation of Honda Accord failed before the company could make a second move.

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  5. Toyota Yaris

    Toyota Yaris | BS6 Cars From Toyota
    Toyota Yaris | BS6 Cars From Toyota / Over Priced Cars

    Let’s talk about the car from another Japanese carmaker, Toyota Yaris. This comes as a surprise that recently, Toyota pulled the plug on its c-segment sedan ‘Yaris’ in India. To be honest, Toyota Yaris was not something that attracted a crowd. It was a no non-sense vehicle that was reliable.

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    Moreover, it didn’t master any trait of the c-segment sedan in India and again was pretty average at everything. Well, taking the leaders Hyundai Verna and Honda City into the mix, Yaris couldn’t stand a chance. More so, Toyota Yaris did cost a premium over its competition when it was launched.

  6. Maruti Suzuki Kizashi

    Suzuki Kizashi | credits - commonswikimedia.org
    Suzuki Kizashi / Over Priced Cars

    One this was clear by the starting of the 2010s, i.e., Maruti Suzuki is a brand that manufactures budget and economical cars in India. In Feb 2011, Maruti gambled by entering an entirely new segment, D-segment sedans. And the first and the last offering in the segment was Suzuki Kizashi. Notice! We did write Suzuki and not Maruti Suzuki.

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    This is because Kazashi was indeed a Suzuki as it entered the Indian market via the CKD route and was assembled at the Maruti’s plant back then. Nevertheless, Suzuki managed to set the pricing right and at power with its competition. But because of the people’s mindset, we lost a gem of a sedan into oblivion. For you to know, Maruti Suzuki Kashi was competing with the likes of Hyundai Elantra, Toyota Corolla and Honda Civic back then.

So, these were the six cars in the market that were killed because of a poor pricing strategy. Stay pinned for part two. Also, let us know apart from these cars what else is to be added in part two. Stay Pinned!

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