Cars to be discontinued in 2020 is a topic of interest for many people as this year, India has witnessed many things. New norms have come in, the industry is suffering an all-time low situation. The plants had stopped production and for the first time ever, the auto industry in India had reported 0 sales in the month of April 2020! some automakers have therefore decided to include some cars in this list of cars to be discontinued in 2020. Whatever the reason might be, these cars will soon disappear from the Indian automobile market.

  1. Nissan Sunny

    Nissan Sunny
    Nissan Sunny

    The latest news is from the Japanese automaker, Nissan. They have silently removed the Sunny from their website today. Nissan Sunny, also known as the ‘caaaaar’ wasn’t able to score well in the sale numbers from the past few months, therefore, the automaker has decided to halt the production and the sale of this sedan in India. The dealerships had confirmed the news earlier but today Nissan has removed it from the official product lineup on their website!

  2. Nissan Terrano


    Nissan Terrano has made it into the big news today as well. Suny wasn’t the only one to be removed from the website. Nissan has discontinued the Terrano as well! Therefore it is the second one to stand on our list of cars to be discontinued in 2020. This was a rebadged version of the Renault Duster. While Renault is continuously working to make Duster a success in India, Nissan has decided to take a step back with the rebadged version. No update was given to this car from the day it was launched therefore, the sale numbers began to fall gradually. Hence, the automaker has officially discontinued this one too.

  3. Nissan Micra


    Nissan has taken a very important decision by discontinuing 3 of its cars in the Indian lineup. The Nissan Micra is also one of them. Just like the Terrano and the Sunny, this one was also taken down from the website. The entry-level hatch from the Japanese automaker shared the platform with Renault Pulse. Due to low sales, Nissan didn’t take it forward this time. Sad but true, the Nissan Micra is no more. The cars to be discontinued in 2020 have taken this hatch along.

  4. Toyota Etios

    Toyota Plans to discontinue the Etios Range by April 2020
    Toyota Etios

    It’s surprising that in the era of compact sedans, Toyota has discontinued this one. The Toyota Yaris, however, continues to do good in the Indian market. The Etios range will not go into the BS6 era as the automaker mentioned earlier also. Toyota is now focussing more on the MPV segment. Glanza is now the entry-level car in Toyota’s Indian portfolio. We can expect more launches based on the Toyota-Maruti Partnership soon.

  5. Toyota Corolla Altis

    Corolla Altis Available With Highest Discount From Toyota
    Corolla Altis

    Toyota Corolla Altis is another one that the automaker has just decided to discontinue. The automaker announced in April 2020 that they have stopped the production of the Altis along with the Etios series. However, the existing customers will get continued support through the service centres until their cars continue to exist. We hope Toyota is back soon with an updated version of this sedan.

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  6. Tata Hexa

    Tata Hexa BS6 Safari | Upcoming SUV Showcased at Auto Expo 2020
    Tata Hexa Safari Edition

    The one you see in the above picture is what Tata Motors is planning to come up with. Tata Motors discontinued the Safari in 2019. They further decided not to take forward the Hexa to the BS6 era as well. However, they showcased the Hexa Safari Edition in the Auto Expo 2020 which they plan to bring into the Indian market in the near future! It will be exciting to see how this car lives up to the expectations of both Hexa and Safari fans!

  7. Honda CR-V

    Honda CRV
    Honda CR-V

    The Japanese automaker has decided to pull the plug on the CR-V diesel for now. We can expect the Japanese automaker to be back with a new BS6 compatible CR-V but as per what we know till now, the CR-V is going for sure. The Coronavirus outbreak might have caused a delay in the launch of the new Honda CR-V. We can expect it to be back by early 2021.

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  8. Honda BR-V

    Honda BR-V
    Honda BR-V

    Guess the ‘Be Ready Vehicle’ wasn’t ready to face the new emission norms in India. The list of cars to be discontinued in 2020 would have been incomplete without including this one. The Honda BR-V didn’t really do good in the Indian market. Maybe the low sale figures were the only reason for Honda to discontinue this one. All the existing BR-V owners will continue to get the after-sales support through the service stations.

  9. Tata Zest & Bolt


    Tata has already managed to get a good name in the passenger segment through the Tiago and the Tigor. Therefore, the Indian automaker decided to discontinue the Zest and the Bolt. Tata is moving really fast in terms of achieving good sale numbers, therefore, it is no wrong in discontinuing the cars which didn’t perform well.

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  10. Renault Lodgy

    Renault LodgyThe last one in our list of cars to be discontinued in 2020 is Renault Lodgy. Renault has decided to discontinue the Duster AWD and the Lodgy. The French automaker’s take at the MPV segment turned out to be a big failure in India. Lodgy couldn’t compete against the segment leaders like the Ertiga and the Innova. Hence, discontinued.

This was all for our list of the cars to be discontinued in 2020. BS6 has already kicked in and many new automakers are ready with many new cars for our market. Therefore, the ones that didn’t do good had to be discontinued.


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