Most Indian car customers focus on features while they are on the lookout for their next vehicle. Are you one of those? Then you definitely need to read this one till the very end. In today’s featured, we are going to talk about 7 cars in India that have or had bizarre feature placement. Yes, this happens at times. Automakers tend to make mistakes without realising that they are actually making them. Sometimes, it is not wrong in terms of what the feature delivers but it is very wrong in the terms of placement. Come, let’s have a look!

  1. Cars with Central Speedometer

    Toyota Etios’s Centrally Mounted Speedo

    Starting our list with a group of cars. Here, the car feature with bizarre placement is the speedometer. Well, you really don’t want everyone in the car to see what speed or rpm you’re driving at? Do you like to hear some expert advice from the ones who are not driving and are just there to comment because they can see your speed and other driving stats because the needles are in front of them and not you? Also, imagine how a driver is distracted just to check the speed. If you are driving this, you need to look away from the road to have a glance at the speedometer.

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  2.  Tata Altroz Handbrake

    Those of you who have already subscribed to our YouTube channel know that we reviewed the Tata Altroz in every possible detail. While we were on our way to the shoot location, we had a steep and when the driver wanted to use the handbrake, guess what? He was not able to find it! Cutting this short, the handbrake on the Tata ALtroz is placed towards the passenger and if you are new to this car, you will definitely struggle to find the handbrake in some initial attempts. Another car feature with bizarre placement.

  3. Hyundai Elite i20 Central Lock

    Car featue with bizarre plcment
    Hyundai Elite i20

    Moving on, we have the Hyundai i20 Elite. It also has a car feature with bizarre placement and you would easily be able to notice the odd thing out in the above picture. We are talking about the central lock button that is placed just above the hazard light button. This is the only modern-day car where we have seen such a placement of the lock button. The fact to notice here is that Hyundai themselves have started putting this in the door panel itself now. Guess, they realized their mistake?

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  4. MG / Volvo Infotainment AC Controls

    MG Hector's Infotainment System
    MG Hector’s Infotainment System

    Touchscreen infotainment? Yes, all of us love that! What if I told you that you need to manage your car’s AC just like you adjust your audio? The worst part is that you don’t have steering-mounted controls for this! If you are a non-MG/Volvo user, your hands might be tuned automatically to use the AC controls in your car right? Having distinguished dials and buttons makes it easier to control while you drive. Touchscreen infotainment AC controls can be a mess, especially at high speeds. Another car feature with bizarre placement for sure!

  5. German Cars Wiper / Indicator Placement

    Volkswagen Polo Interior
    Volkswagen Polo Interior

    If you switch to a German brand, this might trouble you for some initial days. While we continue to use our regular Marutis and Hyundais, we are habitual of turning on the indicator using our right hand and the wipers using our left hand. Try driving a Skoda or VW and we bet you will end up switching the wipers on while turning at least once! Not essentially bizarre but this feature placement can take time for you to adjust and adapt. Especially if you are a new car owner. If you are driving someone else’s German for once, be ready for the wiper show!

  6. Renault Dusters’ Audio Controls

    car features with bizarre placement
    Renault Duster | Credits: TeamBHP

    Moving forward on our list of car features with bizarre placement, we have Renault Duster’s audio controls. While I and you are habitual of seeing and using steering-mounted audio controls, here is Renault with their behind-the-steering audio controls. If you are a Duster user, we would definitely like to hear from you. Are these controls easy to use? Are they really worth having as a feature onboard?

  7. Harrier / Marazzo Handbrake

    car features with bizarre placement
    Tata Harrier

    Last but not least, on our list of car features with bizarre placement, we have Tata Harrier’s handbrake. It may look neat and clean but is a very wrong thing to have if we talk about ergonomics. Have a regular handbrake is good as you can grab it easily and pull it in case of an emergency. This one right here in the image might look like an attractive feature but it drops the practicality down significantly. Do notice that while driving!

This was our take on every car feature in India that we feel has a bizarre placement. Do you have any such feature in mind which is not on the list? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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  1. I own a Renault Duster and the behind steering controls are a breeze to use. I personally like the practicality of the position of the switches, the way they operate and I definitely feel it much more comfortable to use as compared to steering mounted controls.

    Once you get the feel of these behind steering controls, you can controll them with your eyes closed. loved it to an extent that I was literally searching for such controls for my new creta.

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