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On A Budget | 7 Cars With Electronic Sunroof Under 10 Lakhs

Touch infotainments, digital instrument clusters, and even peddle shifters. It seems as if the Indian market is obsessed with certain features and comfort additions. And topping the list is our beloved electronic sunroof, which for many Indian buyers even becomes the deciding factor. Probably this is the reason why several manufacturers have now started to introduce sunroofs even in affordable trims. So here are 7 great cars that get electronic sunroof onboard for under 10 Lakhs rupees.

  1. Tata Nexon

    tata nexon
    The Tata Nexon

    One of India’s best-selling compact SUV, the Tata Nexon is sheer value for money. Among a host of cool tech and comfort features, the Nexon also brings an electronic sunroof on board starting from the XM(S) variant, priced at Rs. 8.67 Lakhs for the petrol version.

  2. Honda Jazz

    All New Update Honda Jazz
    All New Update Honda Jazz

    The evergreen premium hatch from Honda is another great vehicle that brings in an electronic sunroof on board for under Rs. 10 Lakhs. Even though only the top of the line ZX trim of the Jazz gets a sunroof, Honda’s sensible pricing makes it affordable at Rs. 8.88 Lakhs (ZX MT). Other features like LED headlamps, paddle shifters (CVT variants only), and standard cruise control, add to the overall charm as well.

  3. Hyundai i20

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    The All-New Hyundai i20

    Well, there isn’t any modern tech or feature that isn’t loaded on the all-new Hyundai i20. Amongst several swanky features, the Hyundai i20 get an electronic sunroof as well, starting from the Asta Optional trim, which is priced at Rs. 9.33 Lakhs.

  4. XUV 300

    Mahindra XUV300

    Hailed as India’s safest compact SUV, the XUV 300 is synonymous with Mahindra’s commitment to making SUVs that have a little something for everyone. This holds true even in the case of an electronic sunroof. The W6 Sunroof trim variant of the XUV 300 offers sunroof views for a price of Rs. 9.69 Lakhs.

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  5. Honda WR-V

    2020 Honda WR-V
    2020 Honda WR-V

    Another superb compact SUV from the house of Honda, the WR-V is good-looking, capable and power-packed. Offered with a host of cool features onboard, the WR-V brings in a sunroof, starting from the VX Petrol trim priced at Rs. 9.75 Lakhs, making the WR-V even more worthy for sunroof lovers.

  6. Ford Eco Sport

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    Ford Ecosport

    Be it TPMS, or touch infotainment, there isn’t any feature that the Eco Sport doesn’t get! The Sunroof is one of them. Priced at Rs. 9.99 Lakhs, the Titanium trim of the vehicle, gets an electronic sunroof on board for the users to enjoy. Despite almost touching the 10 Lakh mark, the sheer brilliance of Eco Sport makes it worthy enough to shine.

  7. Hyundai Venue

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    Hyundai Venue

    A superb compact SUV from Hyundai, the Venue gets an electronic sunroof on-board, available on from the SX Turbo Petrol trim, which is priced at Rs. 9.99 Lakhs. Touching almost the 10 Lakh mark, the Venue too is a well-packed compact SUV, that shines not only on the sales chart but also in the hearts of millions.

    So these were 7 great cars that come with an electronic sunroof on-board. If you have an addition to make, comment down below. Till then, Stay Pinned!

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