In a market as competitive as the Indian automobile market, the key to thriving success is innovation. While OEMs try their best to bring out new elements for all spheres especially design, sometimes creativity takes a backseat. The result is an uncanny resemblance that makes us wonder, whether the company even try to create something new or not. So here are 5 cars in India with similar-looking tail lamps design.

  1. Maruti Ertiga & Honda CR-V

    Maruti Suzuki Ertiga Tail Lamps
    Honda CR-V Tail Lamps

    Two Multi-Purpose Vehicles, from two distinct OEMs, are different yet the same. On one hand is India’s largest manufacturer’s high selling vehicle, while on the other is the recently discontinued vehicle from the house of Honda. While both vehicles have their own pros and cons, when it comes to tail light design it seems as if both are drawing “inspiration” from each other.

  2. Ford Figo & Tata Tiago

    Ford Figo Tail Lamps
    Tata Tiago Tail Lamps

    While one is now a discontinued veteran, the other is the torchbearer of Tata’s Impact Design Philosophy. Adopting a completely new design language, Tata Motors with its Impact Design philosophy completely changed the way Tata vehicles were perceived throughout the nation. But despite putting a lot of effort in design, the tail lamps are something that needed a little more work we guess. Because one looks at the tail lamps of the Tata Tiago side by side with the Ford Figo, makes it obvious that the Tata Tiago has drawn a lot from the Figo without any creativity of its own.

  3. Maruti Ciaz & Honda City Gen 4

    Maruti Suzuki Ciaz Tail Lamps
    Honda City Tail Lamps

    Two of the bestselling C-Segment sedans in India, both the Ciaz as well the previous-generation Honda City have time and again ruled the sales chart like a boss. While both vehicles are highly distinct from one and another, when it comes to the rear end tail lamps, both seem to be inspired by the same sense of style.

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    Schedule your car service with GoMechanic today!
  4. Datsun Go & Maruti Swift

    Datsun Go Tail Lamp
    Swift Tail Lamps

    While one is a budgeted entry-level hatchback, the other is one of India’s bestselling hatchbacks over the years. But despite their differences, the Japanese connection seems evident when it comes to the tail lamp design as both support a rather similar layout, making it seem that both have evolved from a common ancestor.

  5. Maruti WagonR & Volvo XC60

    WagonR Tail Lamps
    Volvo XC60 Tail Lamps

    This one is rather optimistic. On one hand there’s one of India’s favourite budget oriented hatchbacks, while on the other is sheer luxury. Despite being completely out of each other’s league, what unites the two is the tail lamp design, which the WagonR has modestly managed to mimic. And while those who own the Volvo XC60 might get offended, we see it as an attempt to offer modern day design in a rather budgeted package.

    So these were 5 Indian cars with similar tail lamp designs. And when it comes to uncanny resemblances, this is just the beginning. If you too have a pair to contribute, comment down below and stay pinned to the GoMechanic Blog.

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  1. Similarities in taillamps 🤔, that was something hiding in a plain sight.
    It’s just that, the last one felt a sort of overkill.

    • We couldn’t agree more. There are indeed several design cues that an OEM tends to repeat/copy over the years. Stay Pinned to the GoMechanic blog for everything automotive.

    • Hi Karthik. We aren’t actually comparing WagonR with Volvo. However, when it comes to the WagonR’s tail lamps, the design seems to be inspired by the Volvo, and that is something we cannot ignore.

    • It is our effort to bring out quirky automotive content to valuable readers like you. And if you have a good look at the WagonR’s tail lamp side by side with the Volvo XC60, we are sure you’ll get an idea of what we mean.

  2. The most prominent similarity (that I have noticed) is between Tata Tiago’s and Grand i10 Nios’ taillights along with a little bit of Amaze’s.

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