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All New Maruti Celerio VS Tata Tiago VS Hyundai Santro

Maruti Suzuki will be launching the all new 2021 Celerio anytime now. This means that the Tata Tiago and the Hyundai Santro are going to have some tough competition in the market. The previous generation Celerio was a hit in the hatchback market, especially because of the first-in class AMT gearbox that it offered. Today, we’ll be comparing these 3 cars to help you see which one fits right in your garage.

2021 Maruti Suzuki Celerio Spied
Maruti Suzuki 2021 Celerio
  1. Design

Both, the Santro and the Celerio get a conventional, no nonsense design. The Tiago however gets a little bit of a young, or we can say a fresher design language with bright and bold colours. The new Celerio gets a Swift inspired front design, with new colours added to the range. While design is something that is very subjective, we think that the Tata Tiago gets the more attractive design among these 3.

Tata Tiago
Tata Tiago

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  1. Features

While the feature front of the Tiago and the Santro is already known to us, the Celerio is also expected to be packing all the latest tech and gizmos. It is expected to get a 7 inch touch screen infotainment unit, redesigned 14inch alloy wheels, LED DRLs, etc. All these 3 cars have a similar set of features that they come with, but the Santro gets a rear AC vent which makes it stand out in the features department. The Tiago also gets a best in class instrument cluster that is an all digital unit.

Hyundai Santro
  1. Engine

The new Celerio will most likely get the same 1L engine from its previous generations. However, Maruti might also give the Celerio the more powerful, 1.2L petrol engine that we see on the WagonR. Let’s take a look at the engines on these 3 cars.

2021 Celerio 1L Petrol- 68HP, 90nm torque(expected)
Tata Tiago 1.2L Petrol- 85HP, 113nm torque
Hyundai Santro 1.1L Petrol- 68HP, 99nm torque
  1. Pricing

2021 Celerio Rs. 4.5 Lakhs (expected)
Tata Tiago Rs. 4.99 Lakhs
Hyundai Santro Rs. 4.73 Lakhs

All these prices are ex-showroom, starting prices for the respective cars.

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  1. Conclusion

Considering the 4 major parameters a buyer looks out for, ie, Design, Features, Engine and Pricing, we believe that all 3 cars offer a good value for money. All 3 are also available with the option of an AMT gearbox as well. If we absolutely had to pick out one car, it would be the Tata Tiago. It offers the most powerful engine, excellent build quality and a very fun to drive handling nature.

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