How the Consumer Trend For Cars Is Changing in India

How the Consumer Trend For Cars Is Changing in India

It is not the employer who pays the wages. Employers only handle money. It is the customer who pays the wages. Thus, it is necessary to know what the customer is looking for. The needs of the Indian consumers of the automobile industry has changed a lot recently. The concept of ‘Kitna Deti Hai’ seems to have changed now. People are now shifting towards plenty of other safety features, quality of the build, engine specs and many more while buying a new car. The consumer trend for cars is changing in India.

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What Do You Look For In A Car?

This major change in demand is also an outcome of the readily available internet, thanks to Reliance Jio. Consumers have shifted online to do some research when buying a new car. Let’s look at some of must-have features Indians look in their car. This has also contributed to rising car trends. 

  1. Fuel Efficiency | Kitna deti hai

    This is a custom that everyone in India follows while buying a car. And it is good too. Planning your finances can be really hectic and every little expense is to be kept in mind. But fuel expenses are not a joke nowadays. The price hike every other day is really alarming. Thus one needs to know how much will the car cost him after purchase.

    We Indians will ask this no matter what!

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  2. Transmission | Laziness is the new trend

    People nowadays are keen on finding ways to reduce their physical effort as much as possible. This is the reason that automatic car segment has seen a lot of growth recently. For eg., Maruti Suzuki, India’s largest carmaker, sold more than 6 lakhs automatic transmission vehicles within the period of 5 years has been an integral part of the changing car trends. As per the leading survey reports, nearly 52% of Indian car owners are considering automatic transmission enabled car as their new vehicle. Ease of driving due to the automatic transmission is also loved by the youngsters and women of the country.
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    AMT | Laziness is the new trend

  3. Safety | Men, why u do dis? 

    Women live longer than men. It’s true in this case too. Safety is a more important factor for women than men. Safety has been an issue in the automobile industry since its inception in the Indian market. There was no governing body in India as compared to NCAP globally until recently when BNVSAP, India’s own rating system for cars, is in process. Due to availability of crash reports by various NCAPs of the world on the internet, people have chosen to verify whether the car they are willing to purchase is safe for them and their family or not. This has forced various carmakers across the country to upgrade the safety features. Now, every new car comes equipped with ABS and front occupant passengers, thanks to the increasing standards for safety. Even the Made-in-India Tata Nexon has been rated India’s safest car scoring 5-star rating at the Global NCAP Crash Test Rating.

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  4. Looks Really Matter | Badhiya dikhegi to bikegi!

    We Indians like to flaunt a lot! And when it comes to a car, Indians love flaunting their machines too. Thus looks really matter when it comes to choosing a new car for buying. Looks actually matter a lot. Bolder looks to flaunty curves Indians have a versatile taste of designs. Interior needs to be luxury and comfortable too. Some people like huge front grilles and some like to keep it simple yet classy.

    Badhiya Dikhegi To Bikegi

  5. Size Also Matters!

    Indians have been known to love big cars. This is why SUVs have been the all-time favourite segment in Indian markets. Though nowadays people have started moving towards sub-compact SUVs as the parking spaces in India have started to be an issue especially when it comes to the metropolitan cities such as Mumbai. This segment has especially shown great demand growth in the financial year 2018-19. Thus people have now started moving towards the sub-compact segment but the urge to have an SUV is still there.

    SUVs In India

  6. Environmental Friendly | CNG, LPG, EV, Hydrogen

    Increasing pollution levels and deteriorating air quality has led the consumer to opt for alternative fuels such as CNG or EV cars. Government has also been actively promoting EV cars by giving incentives, subsidies, reducing tax and increasing the EV infrastructure this year. Companies have rolled out various all-electric drivetrain models, MG ZS EV and Tata Nexon EV being the recent launched electric vehicles. People have also been opting to buy BS6-compliant models, though them being costlier than the previous ones. This is all because now people have started worrying about the future and the changing car trends. Moreover, alternative fuels are cheaper as compared to fossil fuels thus leaving a light impact on the wallets.
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    MG ZS EV

  7. Car Service | Hassle-free or Not?

    After-sales service is one of the major factors one will look for when buying a new car. Are there plenty of service stations near me? Is the cost of servicing in my budget? Are the spare parts available easily? These questions surely come in mind while buying a new car because, without maintenance, cars won’t work properly. Thus companies need to provide a proper setup for servicing in order to lure the consumer into buying their cars.

    Promise For Better Servicing

  8. Driveability | Speed, comfort, ride quality

    There was a time mileage was the first priority for the consumer while buying a car. No one even cared to know about the engine specifications and other technical specs of a car. But as time advanced, people have become more and more keen to know about the engine specs, especially the new generation, the Youth. We Indians don’t love it when someone overtakes us and we rev the engine to the maximum in order to beat the offender (not really, just offended us!).
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    We Really Love Speed!

  9. Brand Name | What’s in the name?

    There’s a reason Maruti Suzuki is still known as the largest consumer cars brand in the country. Indians take time to change opinions according to the new car trends. People take into consideration various advises from the ones they know. These people may be relatives, neighbours or friends.

    Top Automobile Brands In India

    New global brands such as Kia and MG have also made a mark due to their global presence. The impact was so profound that even at the time when the automobile market is going through the worst slump in decades, these two companies managed to make the audience fan of their offerings. The Kia Seltos and MG Hector have bookings amounting a lot and it will take nearly 2-3 months to deliver these cars. This is how much Indians love new things.
    The Numbers Are The Proof! Kia Seltos sells over 14,000 units!

Kia Seltos and MG Hector

Now we have an idea about what we, Indians look while buying a new car. Or if you are from the confused world, use this blog as a guide.