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Cheapest CNG Sedans in India! | From Dzire to Aura

Most of us love sedans. Be it the comfortable cabin, huge cabin space, large boot space or a host of features they have on offer, sedans are surely a thing to have. The only downside is that most sedans run on petrol or diesel and considering the growing fuel prices, people are not preferring to buy a diesel or petrol car. CNG and electricity are the two alternative fuels available right now in the Indian market. With the growing popularity of CNG, many automakers have started rolling out CNG as a fuel option in their cars. In this article, we will be talking about the cheapest CNG sedans available in India. Some of these are currently on sale while the automakers are still planning to introduce the others.

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  1. Maruti Suzuki Dzire

    Cheapest CNG Sedans
    Dzire Tour

    Talking about CNG and the list doesn’t start from an MS? You are ding something wrong for sure. Well starting our list of cheapest CNG sedans in India, we introduce you to the Maruti Suzuki Dzire Tour CNG. With the availability of Maruti Suzuki’s S-CNG, we have already seen the success of this system in the Maruti Suzuki lineup. Sharing the same CNG technology as other Maruti Suzuki cars, the Dzire tour can be your pick for sure. Features? The aftermarket options are always available! The Dzire tour BS6 comes at a starting price of Rs.6.36Lakhs.

  2. Hyundai Aura

    Is Hyundai Aura India's Most Fuel-Efficient sedan - Let's Find Out
    Hyundai Aura

    Still doubt the aftermarket accessories and want a feature-packed CNG sedan from the showroom itself? Hyundai has got just the right thing for you. The new Hyundai Aura comes with a factory-fitted CNG kit and loads of features. The Aura S-CNG (S is the variant name) comes with loads of features and is the second one on our list of cheapest CNG sedans in India. This one comes with a price tag of Rs.7.28Lakh (ex-showroom).

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  3. Hyundai Xcent Prime

    Cheapest CNG Sedans
    Hyundai Xcent Prime

    For those thinking that Hyundai only provides company fitted CNG in the Aura, you are wrong. There is a cheaper CNG car in the Hyundai lineup too. Just like the Dzire tour, you don’t get many features on this one but the price tag of the Hyundai Xcent Prime makes it a favourable buy for many. The lower variant of the Xcent Prime CNG comes at a starting price of Rs.5.36Lakhs.

  4. Honda Amaze

    Cheapest CNG cars
    Honda Amaze

    We know it’s not the latest generation of the Honda Amaze shown above in the picture. Honda launched the CNG compatible Amaze in 2015 and approved a particular CNG kit to be fitted inside the sedan at dealership levels. While this fitment was more or less like the aftermarket CNG only, you would still get a warranty on the engine. If you want to experience this CNG sedan, you need to dig deeper in the used car market and you might find one for yourself!

  5. Ford Aspire

    Cheapest CNG Sedans
    Ford Aspire CNG

    The American automaker has also tried their hand at developing a CNG car considering the Indian needs and demands. Ford offered CNG in the Aspire in Ambiente and Trend Plus variants. The engine had a warranty of 2years/1Lakh km! The ex-showroom price of this car as of 2019 was Rs. 6.27Lakhs (ex-showroom) for the Ambiente version.

  6. Skoda Octavia G-TEC CNG

    skoda Octavia gtec cng car
    skoda Octavia gtec cng car

    This one is not here yet. But if Skoda decides to bring this sedan to our country, it can possibly break all the records! Skoda Octavia CNG (2021) can be the next big thing if brought to India! Want to know more about what development has Skoda done till now on this project? Read our detailed article on the Skoda Octavia G-tec CNG!

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This was all about the cheapest CNG sedans that the Indian market has experienced. Also, many automakers are developing CNG cars focussing on fleet requirements where most of them decide to skip features which are required by personal car buyers. Also, CNG is gaining popularity as fuel each day and more and more people are looking to buy CNG cars in India now. We hope automakers will be here soon with some brand new CNG sedans, Till then, you can choose from the above mentioned cheapest CNG sedans available in India.

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