Buying a used car is a really common practice in India. Most of the car buyers look for good options in the used car market to save overall costs on their car ownership experience. You might have come across some cars which are available at a really cheap price in the market and you wonder why is it so. There is a high probability of accidental cars being sold at dirt-cheap prices but you, as an aware customer should steer clear from such vehicles. In today’s featured, we talk about how you can check a used car for accident damage!

  1. Ask the Owner

    Number of previous owners
    Ask the Owner

    if you are buying straight from the owner, the most basic approach could be asking the owner himself! In most of the cases, the owners don’t hesitate to speak the truth about their cars. On the other hand, you should be an aware customer yourself and shouldn’t believe what the owner says without inspecting the vehicle yourself.

  2. Checking the history

    Decode a Car VIN
    Decode a Car VIN

    Checking a used car for accident damage can be a simple process if you procure the VIN of the car. You just need to ask the service centre for any insurance claims against the vehicle you are planning to buy. However, some manufacturers might resist sharing the details therefore, we have other ways out! Read on.

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  3. Ask the experts

    The GoMechanic's Guide to Car Detailing
    Get the car inspected from GoMechanic

    The most simple thing you can do to check a used car for accident damage is to let the experts handle everything. Just walk-in to a GoMechanic workshop near you and we will take care of the rest. We will thoroughly inspect the vehicle and tell you if it’s actually worth your hard-earned money or not!

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  4. Let the bumper tell the tale!

    Hyundai Verna Fluidic
    Hyundai Verna Fluidic

    If you are checking a used car for accident damage, most probably, the owner has got everything replaced under insurance but there is a chance that the bumper got rejected in the inspection process so the owner opted for repairing it. If you find any major signs of damage on the bumper while the car looks brand new otherwise, the owner definitely owes you an explanation. The scrapes, dents and scratches on the bumper tell a lot about how the owner has used the car.

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  5. Look for gaps in panels

    used car accident damage
    Car panel gaps | Source

    If you don’t find anything suspicious with the bumper, move on to the bodyline. The first indication of a used car having accident damage is the door or panel gap. Carefully inspect the car all the panels for uniformity in design. If you notice any irregularity in design, there is a high probability that the car met an accident the panel was not repaired properly afterwards.

  6. Check the paint

    Automotive paint
    Automotive Paint

    Another thing you can check to point out a used car with accident damage is the paint. If any panel of the car is re-painted, you need to ask the owner or the dealer about the history. To spot a repainted panel easily, make sure you are inspecting the car in sunlight. You will easily be able to notice the uneven filling or minor differences in the paint of the re-painted panel if compared to other panels. Repainted outer surfaces can be an indication of internal damages which might need urgent care.

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  7. Inspect the underbody

    Honda Amaze Underbody
    Honda Amaze Underbody

    If you walk-in to any of our workshops, we will be more than happy to do this for you. If you are unable to bring the car to the workshop anyhow, just grab a torch and slide underneath. Check the underbody for rust or salt build-ups. Just run your hands on the underside and you will easily feel if a part is weak or has an excessive rust or salt buildup. You can even spot a bent chassis very easily.

  8. Check the windshield

    Types of Windshield Cracks in a Car
    Check the windshield

    Another sign of accident damage is the windshield. Have a careful look at the windshield. A major thing you can notice here is a crack. On the other hand, if you don’t spot any crack, have a look at the serial number of the windshield and compare it to the number stamped on other glasses. If the number turns out to be different than the others, you need to ask the owner why a particular glass was replaced. Hence, suspecting an accident.

  9. Check for creased surfaces

    used car accident damage
    creased surface | Source

    Pop open the hood and check all the joints. If you find any creased surface, it definitely means that the particular part with the marks was bent due to an accident and was not repaired properly thereby giving you an advantage of identifying the accidental car. Also, you can check if the screws and the bolts have a similar condition. If some screws look new as compared to the other, you can ask the owner why they were replaced.

  10. Check the engine bay

    WagonR Engine Bay
    WagonR Engine Bay

    Once you are done with the bodyline inspection, move to the engine bay. If you spot a clean engine bay while you have spotted issues on the bodyline, it’s a suspect again! If the bodyline has got issues and the engine is super clean, the owner has paid extra attention to the engine (because it was already problematic enough). The owner wants to get rid of that engine and that car ASAP!

These were the 10 ways how you can spot possible accident damage in a used car. Share this article with all those looking to buy a used car so that they don’t end up buying a damaged vehicle.

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