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Citroen 7-Seater Based On The C3 Spotted Testing!

After launching the Citroen C3 in India, the French automaker is all set to make full use of the same platform. A Citroen 7-seater SUV based on the same platform as the C3 was recently spotted testing in India. Let’s see what the Citroen 7-Seater has for us Indians!

  • Design of the Citroen 7-Seater SUV

The Citroen MPV looks a lot like the C3, but much bigger. Since it is a 7-seater, the wheelbase, length, and width are expected to be more than the C3. It looks beefier, and bulkier and has a very good road presence when compared to competitors. Since the car was wrapped all around, none of the details were visible. Even the wheels on the test vehicle were steel wheels and not alloys.

  • Engine

The C3 comes with two 1.2L petrol engines, one turbocharged and one naturally aspirated. The former makes 108HP and the latter makes 81HP. We hope that the Citroen 7-seater gets a more powerful engine as these numbers seem too basic for a 7-seater. The transmissions available are a 5-speed manual for the NA and a 6-speed manual for the turbocharged engine.

Citroen C3
  • Competition of the Citroen 7-seater

This SUV will primarily compete with the Maruti Ertiga, Kia Carens, and Renault Triber. The Ertiga currently dominates the segment as it gets the option of a factory-fitted CNG which makes running pretty cheap. 

  • EV model?

Yes, Citroen is also planning to launch this 7-seater variant as an EV in India. This might just be a game changer for the segment as there is no EV MPV in India as of now. Yes, the BYD EV6 has been spotted here and there, but it’s much more expensive than the Citroen 7-seater. 

  • Pricing

The 7-seater French MPV is expected to be priced somewhere between Rs. 9 – 15 Lakhs in India. This would put it right at the sweet spot for buyers looking for budget MPVs. 

What did you think about this 7-seater from Citroen? Let us know in the comments below!

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