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Citroen C3 A Hit Or A Miss?

The first mass-market vehicle from the newbie OEM, the C3 is a highly ambitious package. Neither a hatchback nor a crossover, the Citroen C3 is a bit of both. But has the ambitious project from the French automaker truly delivered? Let’s find out.

Style and Appeal — Hit

Citroen C3

Clearly inspired by its larger sibling, the Citroen C5 Aircross, the C3 wears a polarising design. From the very looks of it, it is clear that the C3 isn’t a true-blue SUV, but the way it presents its exteriors, it’s clear that it can compete in the subcompact SUV segment which is quite a charm these days. With several modern cues on board, the 15-inch alloys, dual chevron grille, X-shaped motif, thick cladding and a higher stance, make the C3 a hit at least in terms of the looks.

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Offerings and Interiors — Miss

Citroen C3 Interior
Citroen C3 Interior

The funky vibe of the outside is carried over on the inside with orange inserts that fills the interiors with a hint of freshness. Once inside, it is clear that the C3 has a higher stance and beefy detailing. On the feature front, there’s 10-inch touch infotainment that takes the centre stage, but other than that there isn’t anything that makes the C3 stand out. On the lower variants, there’s no infotainment of any sort, and even the top-end specs do not get a wireless charger as well as a tachometer!

The rear view misses out on day-night adjustments, wing mirrors aren’t electrically adjustable, there is no ESP onboard, and the door handles are flip-up and not the pull-type. The C3 also misses on the sunroof, dead pedal and reverse camera, and the sound of the speakers too isn’t up to the mark. In totality, while the quality of the cabin is good, the C3 misses out on a lot and doesn’t have anything that makes it stand better than its rivals. The offerings and interiors are a big miss.

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Powertrain — Hit

Citroen C3 Off road
Citroen C3 Off road

When it comes to powertrain, the C3 scores well at least on papers, with two three-cylinder engine options – an 82hp, 1.2-litre naturally aspirated (NA) petrol engine and a 110hp, 1.2-litre turbo-petrol motor. While the NA unit isn’t as exciting as it should be the turbo engine is absolute bliss to drive, with an oomph of power that’s higher than competitors.

But the biggest drawback of the C3 is the fact that it isn’t offered with an automatic! An absolute bummer in today’s age and time. In totality, while the C3 is a hit in terms of the turbo petrol engine, it’s a complete miss in terms of everyday riding comfort due to the lack of an automatic.

The C3 is a divided territory when it comes to deciding whether or not the segment-creating vehicle has actually managed to deliver. But for me, I believe that the C3 has a long way to go, with a huge potential to improve especially on the offerings and transmission.

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