Can The Citroen C3 Create A Micro-SUV Segment In India?

Can The Citroen C3 Create A Micro-SUV Market In India?

French OEM Citroen has finally unveiled the much-anticipated C3! The Citroen C3 is a micro-SUV that has been manufactured especially for India. It will primarily compete with the Tata Punch, making it only the second car in this segment. Let’s see if the Citroen C3 has the capability of creating a micro-SUV segment in India!

  1. Why micro-SUVs?

    Well, India has been on an SUV buying streak for the last couple of years. We love the higher-up seating position and the high ground clearance works well for our roads. While compact and sub-compact SUVs have been selling like hotcakes, OEMs have been working on micro-SUVs as well. The micro-SUVs will mostly appeal to people looking for a hatchback but would prefer a higher ground clearance.

  2. What does the Citroen C3 bring to the table?

    The C3 brings along a quirky, detail-oriented design that the urban crowd will love. It is also a foreign brand, and a good one, so it also brings a legacy. The C3 looks exactly like a mini Citroen C5 Aircross, which is a pretty premium SUV, so it also looks premium. Lastly, and most importantly, the Citroen C3 brings along a turbo petrol engine (110HP, 190nm) which is the most powerful one in the segment!

  3. How does the Citroen C3 stand against the competition?

    Against the Tata Punch, the Citroen C3 stands neck to neck when it comes to looks, design and aesthetic appeal. Both these micro-SUVs will grab your attention when you enter the showrooms. The C3 gets an extra point for the turbo petrol engine and the 6-speed manual gearbox. Coming to the Punch, it gets the option of an automatic, so that broadens the user circle automatically. Over this, the Punch also gets more features than the Citroen C3, that too basic ones. The C3 misses out on basics like alloy wheels, electrically adjustable ORVMs and a day-night IRVM (not even a manual one!). So, the only part where the C3 is ahead is the turbo petrol engine.

  4. Can it create a micro-SUV segment?

    Yes, the C3, even with some cut-downs on features can create this segment, thanks to the high-performing engine. However, it all depends on the pricing. If the C3 happens to be more expensive than the Tata Punch, it will lose a lot of value for money, something that the Indian market adores.

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