6 Things To Know About The Citroen CC26 | A Honda City Rival?

Citroen CC26, Honda City Rival?
Citroen CC26, Honda City Rival?

The PSA Peugeot Citroen Group is planning to launch Citroen C5 Aircross, which is its first offering in the country. We’ll see this SUV make an appearance no sooner than this month. While preparing to make a debut in India’s market, Citroen has announced their line-up for the – somewhat – near future. Among these cars, the sedan codenamed CC26 is what got us excited.

Citroen C6 (Representational Image) | Source (1)

Even though we cannot say anything for certain, we presume that Citroen will roll out the mid-size sedan, CC26 in 2023. However, we only expect this car to materialise in the country after the French manufacturer kicks off CC21 and CC24 in the Indian auto market. CC21 and CC24 are both SUVs slated to come out this year or the next.

The CC26 Sedan has grabbed our attention for a lot of reasons. This car is likely to rival Honda City, Toyota Yaris and Maruti Suzuki Ciaz. Here is what we know about the CC26 sedan.

  1. PSA Group’s CMP

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    According to Groupe PSA’s Push to Pass policy, they will make all their cars in either their Efficient Modular Platform2 or Common Modular Platform (CMP). The latter is a modular, multi-energy platform. The modularity in dimension and design that comes with this platform allows for a lot of flexibility in the vehicles they manufacture. Along with this, the same structure can be utilized for both cars with IC engines and electric vehicles.

    Peugeot, Citroen, Opel and others use this platform on all their mid-range saloons. We expect the CC26 sedan from Citroen to be built on a version of this Common Modular Platform of Groupe PSA as well.

  2. Localized Production

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    Unlike the C5 Aircross produced in the Completely Knocked Down form (parts imported and later assembled in the country), cars the company will sell in the future will be manufactured in the country itself.  So this would go for the CC26 sedan as well.

  3. Affordable Sedan

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    You might be able to purchase the lower trim levels of this car if you have something under 10 lakhs to spend. Thanks to localization Citroen can sell their cars at competitive prices, without disturbing their profit margins. All this means that CC26 would stand a chance against popular cars like Honda City.

  4. Engine and Transmission

    PSA’s 1.2L PureTech Engine (Representational Image) | Source (1)

    Like other economy cars of the company churned out locally, Citroen too won’t come with a diesel engine. We expect this car to be driven by a 1.2-litre turbo-petrol engine. It will most likely produce a power of 130bhp. Along with this, the sedan will give the user a choice between manual and automatic transmission.

  5. The Ambassador Nameplate

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    Back in the day in 2017, the PSA Group had acquired the Ambassador brand from Hindustan Motors. Even though nothing has been officially announced, according to the grapevine, Citroen might bring back the Ambassador name with the CC26 codenamed sedan. We’ll say this is a good move on their part, as reviving the Ambassador name would grab headlines and attention. Any publicity is good publicity after all.

  6. C-segment Sedan

    Citroen C6 (Representational Image) | Source (1)

    The CC26 is expected to make an entrance in the country in the form of a medium-sized car. If this one is like the other C-segment sedans, we expect CC26 to be around 4.5 metres long. PSA Group is aware that what matters most for Indians, are affordable, good quality products. Considering that European carmakers, time and again fail to make it big in the country, Citroen aspires to be different. The car company has great expectations for the CC26. They hope this one to be the chartbuster by 2026 and aims to put sedans back on the map.

For now, a lot about this car, CC26 from the French automaker remains shrouded in mystery. We would still have to wait a couple of years to see this sedan hit the country’s market. When we know more about this car, we’ll let you know. So stay tuned folks.

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