6 Common Problems Reported in the Maruti Alto 800/Alto K10

6 Common Problems on the Maruti Suzuki Alto Alto K10

Maruti Suzuki Alto, India’s favourite hatchback recently crossed 40lakh milestone in terms of sales. No wonder, it has been the top-selling brand in India for over a decade. It was launched back in 2000 and has completed 20 years of affordability. But the affordable hatch too has got some problems, though, not the major ones. So, it’s time for us to take a look at 6 such problems that Maruti Suzuki Alto 800/Alto K10 have faced.

Do note that all these problems have been reported by the Maruti Suzuki Alto 800/Alto K10 owners at our workshops.

  1. Squeaking Sounds from the Front (Only While Driving)

    This problem is usually found in low-budget cars. Owners reported that there is a squeaking sound coming from the front part of the car while driving, especially over rough roads. Upon our inspection of such Alto 800/Alto K10, we found out that the suspension has worn out, leading to squeaking sounds from the front.

  2. Squeaking Sounds from the Front (Even At Idle)

    This problem was also reported by some of the owners even while the car is at idle. This problem usually arises due to faulty belt tensioner or worn out timing belt. If you hear such sounds while the car is idle/stationary, you must get it checked at the nearest GoMechanic workshop. Or, let me do you one better!

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  3. Power windows issues

    First of all, Alto gets front power windows only. And our customers reported that after a good 35-40k km on the odometer, power windows start to lag a lot. This is usually encountered due to the dust collection in the assembly. The Maruti Suzuki Alto 800/Alto K10 has a low dust resistance for sure. But hey, you don’t get everything when the budget is restricted.

  4. AC cooling not effective

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    This is not a very common problem with the Maruti Alto owners. Only a few of our customers reported this issue. The AC cooling becomes ineffective after some time. This problem also arises due to the clogged AC filters. Alto has a small engine and clogged AC can be troublesome for it. So it is highly advised to get your AC serviced as soon as possible. And you know just the right place for that!

  5. Wheel vibrations over 60kmph

    Some of you might say that this problem can arise in any car. True! But with maximum owners pointing it out means that it has to be on the list. The wheel vibrations begin to increase as the car speeds over 60kmph. This happens due to the misalignment of wheels, the front ones tend to be more frequent. So, in order to keep your budget hatch running, get the wheels aligned asap.

  6. Engine Lock Up in rainy season

    Being a budget hatchback, Alto does lack resistance to dust as well as water-resistance. This leads to hydro locking of engines in the rainy season. Engine lock up light shows up on the instrument cluster. This problem was recently reported in huge number by the Alto owners in this rainy season.

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So these were the common problems reported by the owners of Maruti Suzuki Alto 800/Alto k10. We tried to list down 10 problems, but this affordable hatch seems to have fewer problems. Are you the owner of this hatch and have faced any issues other than these? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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