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Connected Car Technology And Its Complications

In this 21st century, anything and everything is all about advancing technology. This is also the case with the automotive world across the globe. All the car manufacturers are putting their kith and kin to provide the best the technology has to offer. One such feature in the cars running on the road is the connected car technology.

Connected Car Tech
Connected Car Tech

Over the years, advanced technology has become cheaper allowing even the budget cars to enjoy these state of the art features. It is the connected car tech that is one of the features (gimmicks) on the list that the buyer demands.

That said, over a million vehicles are currently running on the road those are connected to the internet. this raises a lot of question, one being, is it safe? Well, to answer the question, let us first look as what exactly is connected car tech.

Connected Car Technology

Connected Features
Connected Features

A vehicle is said to have connected car tech when it is tethered to the web via internet. And this internet allows the car to share its data on the web. This is where the owner or any other person having the application can access that data. Not just that, the car communicates back and forth on the web to send and receive data along with software updates.

Functions of current-gen Connected Car Tech

As said earlier over a million vehicles across the globe come with this feature. But what does this feature do?

2020 Hyundai Verna BlueLink Connected Car Technology
2020 Hyundai Verna BlueLink Connected Car Technology

Long story short the function makes a life of a car owner tad a bit easy. You’ll love this feature,

  • If you’d want to see the fuel level while chilling at home on your couch.
  • You live in a region with a hot climate and you want your car to be cool when you arrive.
  • Also, you want to see when and where your car is travelling and how fast is it going.
  • You want to check the status of your car’s internal components.
  • In the end, you want your car to be safe and if someone tries to steal it, you can easily immobilize it.

Well, good things always have a dark side too. So, let’s acknowledge the negative aspect of having a smart car.

Complications of Connected Car Tech

Honda Connect Connected Car Technology
Honda Connect Connected Car Technology

It’s rightfully said that with great powers comes great responsibilities. In this case, introducing smart cars is sweet but maintaining them is definitely the opposite. There are several negative outcomes of the connected car tech.

The Prime drawback: Cybercrime

Sure, technology is advancing with lightning pace, so is cybercrime. Some day or the other we hear a case of the system being hacked or some disputed transaction involving a lot of money. In the same way, smart cars too are vulnerable.

  • There is a constant threat of the system getting hacked as the car is constantly communicative with the server.
  • A while ago in the international market, around 1.4 million Chryslers were recalled. As two hackers got into the system and took control of the vehicles steering, brakes and also transmission.
  • Hackers are a deep concern as they can even disable the brakes or turn the engine off in the middle of the highway. And this could create huge wreckage on road with many lives on stake.
  • They can even turn the car’s microphone on and listen to your conversations.
  • After all the above, it’s no wonder they can also kill its security system and easily steal it.

Other Drawbacks

Smart cars surely make life easy to some extent but it also intrudes in personal privacy including everyday movement.

  • Ever wondered, the data car is sharing on the web is also being shared with the manufacturer?
  • Well, just to make myself clear, the car manufacturer could see where you are going when are you going.
  • In addition, the carmaker also is tracking how you drive and might also take note of your driving style.

All these are something one should never want. Or at least they want to stay away from it.

In the end, the technology is going to advance in the future making the vehicles running on the road, even more, tech-oriented. So, the threat is gonna increase in the future until we have a concrete solution to this programme.

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Carmakers like Honda, Hyundai, Kia, MG all offer some sort of connected car tech in their vehicles in the budget car segment.

Let us know in the comments, what do you think of the connected car tech?

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