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Cornering Stability Control In Cars-Explained!

In recent times, cars have been coming with a magnitude of safety features. Gone are the days when ABS and 2 Airbags would satisfy us consumers. Today, along with physical safety features, we also have a lot of electronic safety features. One less known feature is the Cornering Stability Control (CSC). In this article, we’ve put together the functioning of the Cornering Stability Control in simpler words. There are 2 main questions that arise whenever one thinks about this electronic safety feature, let’s answer them today!

ABS with EBD and CSC | Tata Altroz vs Maruti Suzuki Baleno
ABS with EBD and CSC
  1. What is the need for cornering stability?

When cars travel at high speeds, every movement of the steering wheel makes a tremendous difference in direction. If you were to come across a corner at such high speeds, your natural reaction would be to apply the brakes and turn the car. However, by doing so, your car might over-steer, and you don’t want that. Over-steering might occur because when you take a sharp turn, the weight of the vehicle shifts to the side you are turning. Now, when you apply the brakes at this point of time, the force of these brakes will be much higher on the side that you’re turning. This will result in your car completely turning to that side, and possibly getting off the road or getting into another lane. To avoid this, manufacturers use the Cornering Stability Control feature.

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  1. How does Cornering Stability Control work?

The Cornering Stability Control kicks in when it senses that the car is taking on a sharp corner. The CSC will regulate the amount of braking force on each wheel and help the car maintain a straight line instead of over-steering. For example- You are turning towards the right; this means that the weight of your car will be focused on the right wheels. The Cornering Stability Control feature will reduce the braking force on the right wheels. This will ensure that your car goes ahead straight out of the corner.

Tata Tiago | ABS with EBD and CSC
Tata Tiago | ABS with EBD and CSC

Indian cars with Cornering Stability Control- Tata Altroz, Harrier, Tiago, Nexon

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