India finally unites to fight against the pandemic coronavirus. The central government after taking the starting steps to control the virus is even more active. Followed by the announcement of the Janta Curfew last weekend, the government implemented a lockdown in 85 cities. This included small as well as big cities.

Yesterday our Nobel Prime Minister not just extent the lockdown to 21 more days but also the lockdown is now nationwide. This has been done to reduce the human to human interaction to as low as possible. This will surely prevent the spread of the novel Coronavirus.

Empty Roads | Novel Coronavirus
Empty Roads | Novel Coronavirus

Well, If you are planning to leave homes (Which is not at all recommended) go to within the city or intercity, you ought to have a pretty good reason. The police across the country are active and have checkpoints on almost every crossing.

Though the whole county is on lockdown, some important personnel are exempted from the lockdown. These include essential service people like Hospitals, water and electricity companies, banks or bus services. Closing the airport is also a pre-planned operation that allows no flight to land or take off from the respective airports.

Important people working in essential places are given special permits to leave their homes for work. On the other hand, the police are not permitting the rest of the people to leave their homes apart from going to the groceries. That too only one person per family.

The government is requesting each and every citizen of the county not to leave their homes. The novel coronavirus doesn’t spare anyone. In emergency situations leave home with proper precautions. Be safe and keep each and everyone around you safe.
This shall pass.

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