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How to Spot a Counterfeit Fake Spare Part | An Expert Analysis

“Fake has become the new reality!” Be it technology, accessories or apparels, everything in this world has got a fake counterpart. The automotive industry is also flooded with fake spare parts and accessories. Companies are trying to enforce strict actions against manufacturers of these counterfeit parts. But still, there is a major chunk out there that you might come across. How can you distinguish a fake one from a real one? Before we answer this question, let’s first take a look at a few questions that arise while talking about counterfeit fake parts.

What exactly are counterfeit fake spare parts?

Let’s make it easy for you to understand.

OEM and OES manufacture spare parts for the cars and bikes. These spare parts are made in accordance with the standards of the industry. Such parts are essentially good for the vehicles as they comply with the proper dimensions and standards leaving no room for error.

Fake Spare Parts
Fake Spare Parts

On the other hand, fake spare parts are meant to cost less to the manufacturers. This means, low quality and a big room of errors. Fake parts may look more or less the same as that of the real ones. But the major difference lies in the composition of the material that is used in those parts. To lower the production costs, these fake parts do not comply with the standards that have been set by the company.

How can fake parts be dangerous for you?

As said earlier, fake parts lack the quality. This means they can tend to dangers ranging from simple failures to major hazards. Let’s take a look at the dangers of different spare parts.

  • Risk of engine failure or fire

    Spark Plugs | Fake Spare Parts vs Real Ones
    Spark Plugs | Fake Spare Parts vs Real Ones

    Components such as spark plugs, drive belts, air filters, valves etc. are vital for the engine and drivetrain to run properly. Fake components can lead to engine failure or even worse, a fire.

  • Windscreen related injuries

    Fake Windscreens can break easily
    Fake Windscreens can break easily

    The OEM / OES recommended windscreens adhere to certain standards such as load-bearing capacity. But the counterfeit windscreens are not meant to meet those guidelines. This means that such fake windscreens will crack under load and can even injure the occupants.

  • Brake failure

    Common Car Noises
    Car Brake Pads

    These are an essential part of the brake system in a vehicle. A fake brake pad generally wears out unevenly and on a rather quick pace. Also, if the quality of the material is concerned the fake brake pads can break off easily. This will lead to brake failure which can be fateful.

  • Electrical hazards

    Major fires in vehicles are caused due to failure of electrical components. And when inspected, it is generally found that such vehicles were equipped with fake or counterfeit electrical components. Such components are not made according to the standards and can be hazardous.

  • Compromised structural integrity

    Fake body panels do not align with the crumple zones and pillars of the vehicles. This means a threat to the occupants of the vehicle. Such panels or body parts can either lead to failure during the event of a collision or even lead to being the cause of an injury.

  • Reduced wheel rigidity

    These are a very essential part of a car. Wheels bear the load of the car and fake ones tend to lose the composure, especially under high loads. This can be hazardous, especially at high speeds.

So, when there is so much risk involved in having fake parts in your car, how can you make sure that the parts are genuine? Let’s find out.

How to spot a fake spare part?

Know your Spare Parts
Know your Spare Parts

The automotive manufacturers have come up with various possible ways to make sure that customers are able to identify whether the parts are genuine or not.

  • Serial Number and Hologram

    All the genuine spare parts from the OEM/OES come with a specific serial number. This can be used to trace back the part and check whether the spare part is genuine or not. Also, you will find the specific hologram of the manufacturer on the parts that cannot be counterfeited.

  • QR Code

    Most of the spare parts come with a QR code that can be scanned using the smartphone to ensure that the part is genuine. Each spare part has a unique QR code which helps in keeping the track of the product too.

  • RFID Tags

    Mahindra RFID Tag | Fake Spare Parts vs Real Ones
    Mahindra RFID Tag | Fake Spare Parts vs Real Ones

    The high-value parts from OEM / OES come with an RFID tag which can be traced by the manufacturer. RFID tags can help a lot. The maker can verify whether the customers get genuine parts or not.

What to do if you spot a counterfeit/fake spare part?

It is your duty to convey to the OEM at earliest about the fake parts. Companies have a proper department known as the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Team. They seize the fake parts and ensure that such parts do not return to the market. Also, if someone tries to sell you fake parts saying that they are similar and you will save money, don’t listen to them. This small amount that you might save now can result in something really hazardous.

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How you can ensure 100% Genuine spare parts in your car?

The easiest way to ensure this is by using a trusted partner for your car care. GoMechanic uses 100% genuine spare parts and products directly sourced from OEM / OES. And about the cost, you save up to 40% when you get the services from GoMechanic. So, always look out for such car care partners that ensure quality.

Do you have any questions related to genuine spare parts? Let us know in the comments section below. Also, download the GoMechanic app and get rid of the worries related to the spare parts being genuine or not.

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