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Save Your Car From COVID🦠| Introducing GoMechanic COVID-19 Revival Package

A prolonged lockdown led to many of us not using our cars for a month or more. If your vehicle has been sitting idle, it’s essential to follow some important steps to use it regularly. And right now, preventing the spread of COVID-19 should also be a critical part of your travel routine.

A sanitised environment is necessary for your home and office; just like that, a sanitised car holds equal importance. To save your vehicle from the effects of Covid, GoMechanic is offering a Covid-19 Revival Package. Check out this video on making your car a safe place to be and all the routine maintenance steps one should follow.

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Following are the services which are included in the Covid-19 Revival Package: 

Interior Anti-Virus Sanitisation

Numerous viruses and bacteria can enter the car through you and your passengers. They linger on the steering wheel, gear stick, seats and other surfaces. Many illnesses can be passed from person to person through a vehicle, which often goes unnoticed.

Here comes the most crucial aspect of the GoMechanic Covid-19 Revival package, which gets you complete Anti-bacterial sanitisation of several dirty touch-points (door handles, gear knob, steering wheel, handbrake, seatbelt and many other buttons) inside your car. We always use medical-grade sanitiser to disinfect your car, prioritising your health.

AC Vent Cleaning

If your car is stationary for a long time, the AC can develop mould, viruses and even fungus. This is a severe health concern, leading to breathing problems and even long-term respiratory diseases.

Car Air Conditioner Diagnosis
AC Cleaning Service From GoMechanic

The Covid Revival package offers AC vent cleaning to keep you safe from harmful bacteria and enjoy the soothing breeze without any worries.

Interior Dry Cleaning And Exterior Car Wash

Interior sanitisation is only fully effective when your car is dust-free. With time, dust, bacteria, and viruses take shelter in the corners of the vehicle; seats can develop moulds and fungus, which is a hazard for your health.

Interior Dry Cleaning Service From GoMechanic
Interior Dry Cleaning Service From GoMechanic

The Covid-19 Revival package gives you complete interior dry cleaning service, every nook and cranny of the interior is thoroughly cleaned, and you feel the difference when you sit inside.

Exterior Car Washing Service By GoMechanic
Exterior Car Washing Service By GoMechanic

Your car deserves special treatment after sitting unused for such a long time; it must be covered in a thick sheet of dust. Before you start using it regularly, a thorough wash and detailing of the paintwork is mandatory.

The smart garages of GoMechanic bring back the showroom shine, deep cleansing and polishing the exterior. We finish everything by applying wax to the car, and after all these efforts, the paint seems next to new.

Engine-Oil And Coolant Top-Up

Engine-Oil Top-Up Service By GoMechanic
Engine-Oil Top-Up Service By GoMechanic

In case your car is parked for a long while, the engine oil will begin to settle. It may also start to dry out. If your engine hasn’t run, the engine oil will lose its heat-dissipating properties and viscosity.

Is the engine overheating? When was the last time you checked the coolant? Many drivers never or rarely check this essential fluid. If your car is stationary for a long time, a coolant top-up is necessary for returning to the road.

Coolant Top-Up Service By GoMechanic
Coolant Top-Up Service By GoMechanic

The GoMechanic Covid-19 revival package ensures engine oil and coolant are filled to the maximum level. These two fluid levels should be topped up regularly, so the car runs well. The coolant levels and engine oil must be checked every time you start the engine after a long while.

Battery Jumpstart And Battery Water Top-Up

Alarm systems and onboard computers start draining the battery when your car is parked for a long while. After some time, your car’s battery can go flat and leave you needing to jumpstart the vehicle.

Battery Jumpstart Service By GoMechanic
Battery Jumpstart Service By GoMechanic

GoMechanic Covid-19 Revival package offers battery Jumpstart service if discharged; we also provide battery water top-up if the battery is too old and needs some juice. You can always book a battery replacement service for your car if a new battery is all you need.

Tyre Tread Inspection, Wheel-Alignment And Balancing

When it comes to safety, tires are the most critical component of your car. They are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the tarmac when it is in motion.

When you are not using your car like you used to, tires won’t be getting worn down by the road surface as they usually would.

Wheel Alignment And Wheel Balancing Service By GoMechanic
Wheel Alignment And Wheel Balancing Service By GoMechanic

Car tires sitting stationary can develop flat spots where the rubber hits the road. They will deflate and can develop cracks under constant pressure. One should never drive a car in such conditions.

GoMechanic Covid-19 Revival package checks the tire’s tread depth and checks for flat spots. If you need a new set of shoes for your car, GoMechanic offers tires for a wide variety of vehicles along with free installation.

25-Point Inspection

To make everything safer and easier for you, the GoMechanic Revival package offers a 25 point inspection and lists the conditions of vitals in your car. If your vehicle is stationary, GoMechanic checks all the aspects used while driving, including indicators, lights, windscreen wipers, windows, and electronic devices.

We also go through the condition of the brakes, drive belts and ensure that you do not hear any unusual noises when you start the engine.


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