The Delhi-Gurgaon highway is well-known for its long queues in the peak hours. The extreme traffic congestion troubles many in the peak hours. All the commuters have to spend extra time on the roads struggling to move. The need of the hour was to come to a solution for this. The Gurugram Police have come to a decision which they think will help in solving the issue of the heavy traffic congestions on the Delhi-Gurgaon Highway.

The Gurugram Police has extended the restriction on movement of the heavy vehicles on the Delhi-Gurgaon Highway by a span of 90 minutes. This means that from now onwards, the heavy vehicles won’t be able to ply on the Delhi-Gurugram highway for 90 more minutes. Under the revised timings, the heavy vehicles cannot ply on the road from 5 PM to 10:30 PM. Earlier the upper limit was set at 9 PM but due to changing trends and the traffic density, Gurugram Police has come to this decision.

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Deputy Commissioner of Gurugram Police– Himanshu Garg passed this order under sections 73 and 71 of the Haryana Police Act, 2008. He further said “In order to reduce the load on the toll plazas during the peak hours, I have temporarily extended the restriction on the movement of heavy vehicles. By the time these good carrying vehicles start their journey, the period of the high volume of the traffic on the Delhi-Gurgaon Highway will already be ended. Directions have been conveyed to all the inspectors and ACPs.”

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Further, the Delhi-Gurugram highway’s new order is not valid on the emergency vehicles belonging to the police, fire services and defence services. We hope the Delhiites breathe a sigh of relief from the new rule and reach home sooner avoiding all the annoyance and obstructions!


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