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Diesel Cars In Delhi More Than 10 Years Old To Be Deregistered

Well, this has been going on for quite some time now. Delhi is our capital city, and naturally, it is filled with a lot of vehicles. It is also amongst the most polluted cities in India. Decreasing air quality has been a matter of concern for the Govt. of Delhi for a long time now.

The government has tried curbing pollution quite a few times by having strict laws against PUCs, firecrackers, etc, but this step was necessary, sooner or later.

  • Which Diesel cars in Delhi will be deregistered?

The “10-year rule” for diesel cars is finally coming into action. All diesel cars in Delhi that are more than 10 years old will be deregistered, starting January 2022. This may sound a bit harsh, but it is happening.

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  • What else can be done?

Delhi RTO will issue a NOC for cars older than 10 years so that they can get registered in other states, which have no such rules as of now. So you can get your 10-year-old diesel car reregistered in say Gujarat, or Maharashtra. For cars older than 15 years, no such NOCs will be issued (both petrol and diesel).

The cars that are older than 15 years will have to either be scrapped or converted to electric cars. These Electric Kits will only be installed at State-approved facilities, which will be announced soon.

Is there a prejudice against diesel in India

The bright side to this is that the Vehicle Scrapping Policy will soon be implemented as well, which will help you get some good incentives on your next car!

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  1. We have every vehicle which has a pollution certificate ,which shows compliance with pollution standards. What’s the purpose of pollution certificate ?

    • Hi Sunny
      The PUC ensures that your engine is working fine and emitting as per the set standards. If something goes wrong with your engine or the fuel you are putting in, the PUC certificate will reflect the same.


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