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What is the difference between BS4 cars and BS6 cars in terms of Economy?

BS6 are the new exhaust emission norms implementing from the 1st of April 2020. Are the changes in the engine to comply with BS6, changing the performance and economy?

There are many changes from BS4 to BS6 the engines of different manufacturers are undergoing to make them BS6 compliant. The changes are different in terms of petrol and diesel engines.

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The shift from BS3 to BS4 in 2017 had fewer changes as compared to the shift from BS4 to BS6. Later norms being cleaner than BS4.

Automotive research
Automotive research| BS6

BS4| First step towards environment

BS4 came into power in April 2017 and drastically changes the emission norms from BS3. The then-new norms had several changes in the exhaust systems of the vehicles especially two-wheelers.

  • Low capacity motorcycles were added with more efficient carburetors and a newly added layer of the catalytic converter in the exhaust systems.
  • Some motorcycles coming with EFI (Electronic Fuel Injection) atomize fuel inside the cylinder had minor upgrades. Instead of open-loop ECU, they were introduced with more efficient closed-loop ECU.

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BS6| Better step towards environment

More efficient combusting is carried out in the new BS6 compliant engines. The automotive manufacturers have lost their sleep to work for the norms. Researching and developing an advanced BS6 engine isn’t a short game. Although their hard work has paid off and manufacturers are unveiling new vehicles with BS compliant engines.

  • All the motorcycles having carburetor will shift to more advanced and efficient EFI systems. Electronics control the EFI system in order to atomize fuel inside the combustion chamber.
  • Tweaking the existing EFI to have better fuel atomization in turn better combustion.
  • Adding an extra DPF layer in the exhaust system of diesel vehicles. In order to filter the soot and PM (Particulate Matter)
  • Additional SRC Selective Catalytic Reduction) in the Diesel engine.
BS6 Compliant engine
BS6 Compliant engine

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Effects on fuel economy

All the changes carried in or outside the engine to make it BS6 compliant affect the fuel economy of the vehicle.

A perfect example is of Maruti Suzuki Desire. The BS4 engine of Desire delivers an economy of 22Km/l but the newly updated engine gets 21.21Km/l. The difference is of 0.79km/l is minimal but the, in the long run, may affect the milage.

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