COVID-19 or the 2019 novel Coronavirus has been declared as an epidemic by the WHO. It is really getting out of hands and everyone wants to make sure he or she is at the maximum distance possible from the virus. You must also take the necessary precautions with the utmost priority. One way to avoid coming in contact with the Coronavirus is to avoid social gatherings. You might feel that using your own car can be better than using public transport to commute.

Well, this surely will keep you away from social gatherings. But are you really safe in your own car? One will say, definitely! Well, the reality is a bit different and a bit harsh too. There are areas in your car that might be the dirtiest ones and house the virus. Let’s take a look at 5 such places where the virus may be hiding. But first, we need to know how is the virus transmitted?

Transmission Of The Coronavirus

According to the World Health Organisation(WHO), this virus can spread from a person to person through small droplets expelled during coughing or sneezing. These droplets might be resting on the surface you may touch, which will surely transmit the disease to you.

Here are 5 dirtiest areas in your car

  1. The Steering Wheel 

    Possible Coronavirus hotspots in your car | The Steering Wheel
    Possible Coronavirus hotspots in your car | The Steering Wheel

    The wheel responsible for converting your actions to steer the car might become responsible for your health problems. Being in direct contact of the driver, germs while sneezing or the dirty hands from outside can straight away cling to the wheel making it one of the major hotspots for the Coronavirus to sweep in your car.

  2. Seat Upholstery | Leather & Fabric 

    The Seat Upholstery
    The Seat Upholstery

    Being made of fabric or leather, the seat upholstery can easily become a Coronavirus-friendly place in your car. You might not bring in the virus but your chivalry might cost you. Helping someone in need by giving a lift might cost you. This does not mean that you stop doing the good deeds. Read along while I reveal other hotspots where the Coronavirus might be hiding and I will also tell you the ways you can prevent it.

  3. AC Duct & Vents

    Car AC Vents
    Car AC Vents

    As the air-conditioner unit brings in air from outside into the car’s cabin it might bring in the Coronavirus with it. You might be passing through an area where the virus may be present. The Coronavirus can easily persist in the air for up to 3 hours. The moist parts of your AC are a good place for the virus to dwell on.

  4. Door Handles | Inside & Outside

    Door Handles
    Door Handles

    Being on the outside of the vehicle, you never know who touched them or have they been in contact with the contaminated air. Although the sunlight will cause the Coronavirus on the body of the vehicle to perish, there might be some left on the handles which will be enough to make you ill.

  5. Dashboard & Plastic Panels | Coronavirus Hotspots

    Plastic Surfaces in your car
    Plastic Surfaces in your car

    While the Coronavirus can stay up to 3 hours in the air, the figure for a plastic surface is 3 days. So it might be possible that places such as dashboard, door panels, or gear knob might be carrying an active Coronavirus.

Covid-19 | How to disinfect your car?

Does this mean that I am not safe in my own car? No, absolutely not. You are safe as long as you plan to remain safe. Below are the precautions you can take so that you don’t have to fear the Coronavirus in your own car.

  1. Keep a good quality hand sanitizer handy (with at least 70% alcohol content). It is a great precautionary practice to keep a spare one permanently in your car.
  2. Keep on washing your hands with soap and water wherever and whenever possible. Try not to eat inside the car as dirty hands can lead to germ buildup inside the car.
  3. Using cotton gloves is the best option to avoid direct contact with the hotspots inside your car.
  4. Sanitize the seat upholstery using a disinfectant. It is advised to get a professional car care help as they will use proper equipment to clean your car.
  5. Get your car washed from the nearest professional service centre as they will use proper materials to clean your car inside out.
  6. We would advise you to get your car’s AC serviced as soon as possible. This will increase the in-cabin air quality. AC is one thing you won’t want to service by yourself. Professional service will eliminate any possibility of any germs build up in the air conditioner system.
  7. Use the recirculating feature of car’s AC which will use the in-cabin air. This will reduce the inflow of air from outside thus reducing the risk of Coronavirus entering the car.
  8. Avoid sharing your car with strangers in an act of chivalry. This may risk your health. Desperate times require desperate measures. And you can show the act of kindness once the epidemic is over.

With the coronavirus spreading like fire, it is necessary that you take the necessary precautions. For car cleaning, car service, car AC service and everything under the sun, you can always rely on GoMechanic as your trusted car care partner. GoMechanic offers free pickup and drop facility with every service. This will ensure that your car is drive-safe and you also stay protected from the virus.

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