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Discounts On BS4 Vehicles Are Lowering: Buy Before It’s Too Late

With the BS6 emission norms coming soon and BS4 stockpiles getting cleared, automakers have started lowering the discounts on the BS4 models.  Over the past few months including the festive seasons, we saw auto-companies giving huge discounts – as high as ₹1 lakh to the customers depending upon the model. This was done to reduce their BS4 commodities as it will be getting discontinued from April 2020.

Lower discounts on BS4 vehicles
Lower discounts on BS4 vehicles|

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The huge discounts helped in increasing the car sales and according to some sources, the famous Automaker Maruti Suzuki saw an increase in both wholesale and retail sales of its BS4 products by almost 5-7%.  This helped the company in clearing its BS4 car stocks.  But all companies are not following the same protocol and some have taken a slightly different view on how consumers will be behaving ahead of the transition to new standards in April.

Bharat stage 6
Bharat stage 6|

Some firms are expecting that customers are awaiting more discounts on the BS4 model while some are saying that customers will prefer buying the BS6 model after factoring in multiple aspects.  Anyways the discounts have really helped at liquidating the BS4 cars and most of the automaker giants have already cleared the majority of their BS4 stocks and we can expect the discounts to disappear anytime soon.

The Indian government had decided to take the leap from BS4 to BS6 due to many reasons. The most important one was degrading air quality. Under the BS6 engine, the NOx levels will go down by 25% for petrol and a drastic 68% for diesel engines. This will lower the pollutants released by vehicles. So this move by the government will not only help to reduce pollution but will also improve the overall public health which is the backbone of any society.

Let us know in the comments section whether you are expecting more discounts or will you be going for BS6 ultimately?

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