Diwali is almost here and all of us are really excited to indulge in festivities. But this Diwali would be a little different as the world is still going through the pandemic and we need to celebrate Diwali keeping in mind all the precautions we have been taking till now. Well, all of us know that Diwali signifies the triumph of good over the evil. Your car has also got some evils that you need to fight immediately, rather regularly! Let’s have a look at all the car evils that you need to fight this Diwali!

  1. Poor Hygiene (of your car!)

    No Need to wash your car?
    Car Wash

    Considering the need of the hour, hygiene should be your top priority. If you are travelling often, your car might need an all-round cleaning session. Wondering where to get this done? At GoMechanic, you can get expert car cleaning solutions where we clean your car inside out and also provide interior sanitisation as an optional service. Let us handle your car’s hygiene while you indulge in your Diwali ki Safai!

  2. Procrastinated Car Service

    Service Engine Soon Dashboard Warning Light
    Service Engine Soon Dashboard Warning Light

    Remember that car service which you have been procrastinating for long? Well, there is no time more suitable than Diwali. Your car has got some essential fluids and filters which need to be changed from time to time. If you haven’t got your car serviced, the best time to do it is now with GoMechanic’s festive offers! Click on the image below and download the app now!


  3. Misaligned Wheels

    Wheel Alignment Reflective Panels
    Wheel Alignment Reflective Panels

    Your car’s wheels also need to be aligned and balanced from time to time. People usually miss out on wheel maintenance. It is not so of you to choose GoMechanic as your car care partner. As soon as you drive into a GoMechanic workshop our experts will let you know if your car’s wheels need to be aligned or balanced!

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  4. Malfunctioning AC/Heater

    WagonR Service cost
    Car AC Service

    We know winters are here and you won’t need your car’s AC anymore. But, just to let you know, you should get your car’s heater checked too as if the heater is not working properly, there can be a problem with your car’s cooling system and it can land you in trouble later on where you might need to spend a large amount to get your cooling system fixed. We highly recommend you to get your car’s heater and AC checked.

  5. Dents and Scratches

    WagonR Service Cost
    Dent Paint

    While most of us plan a makeover for ourselves and even renovate our homes, our car usually goes unnoticed. Dents and scratches are among the major car evils that you have to face on a regular basis and ignore their repair due to the time-taking insurance claim process. What if we told you that you don’t need to claim insurance for small dents & scratches? You can get it repaired in cash without any hassle with the lowest prices guaranteed at GoMechanic.

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  6. Dim or Faulty Headlights

    Fog Lights-Cornering Light Here’s Everything You Need to Know
    Car Headlights

    Diwali is the festival of light right? When you light up your home properly, why should your car continue with the same old headlights? For those who still don’t know, you can now buy headlights and taillights for your car with GoMechanic with nationwide best prices! Download the App now and let your car also celebrate the festival of lights!

  7. Weak Battery

    Old Car Battery
    Old Car Battery

    We have talked about buying new lights but is your car’s power source fit and fine? One of the most ignored car evil is the weak or old car battery. We recommend you to get your car’s battery checked at a GoMechanic workshop near you and if you are facing cold starting issues or hearing clicking sounds from your car when you try to start it, you can let us know and we will help you out at your home itself!

  8. Dull/Faded paint

    The GoMechanic's Guide to Car Detailing
    Rubbing Polishing on the Ford Endeavour

    Your car has to bear all the weather conditions during the year. It is exposed to sun rays, dust, rain and what not! Among all the car evils, this one might arrive a little later than others but stays for long! We are talking about your car’s paint getting dull or fading out. To retain that showroom shine, GoMechanic recommends you to get your car Ceramic coated. Teflon coating or Rubbing Polishing would do well too but Ceramic yields long-term results for sure.

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  9. Deteriorating Engine/Suspension Health

    Under the hood | K15B Petrol Engine
    Maruti Suzuki K15B Petrol Engine

    Your car is a complex machine and the most complex, yet the most important part is your car’s engine! You might not know what’s going on inside your car’s engine but if you hear or see anything unusual going on with your car’ engine, let the experts handle. Similarly, your car’s suspension is also among the vital parts of your car that need to be monitored and fixed in time. We recommend you to get a full-body checkup for your car at a GoMechanic workshop near you to avoid any troubles in the near future.

These were the 9 car evils that you need to fight this Diwali. With GoMechanic, you can fight all these evils in just a single click. Just download the app and avail all your car services at a tap from the comfort of your home. Let us handle your car troubles while you enjoy your festival to the fullest!

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