Does Keyless Entry Make Sense ? Here’s Why Not

Does keyless entry make sense?

21st-century vehicles are getting smarter day by day. From voice commands to rain-sensing wipers, modern-day cars are all about new technologies. And when it comes to being smart, keyless entry is a feature that is highly boasted. But if you are wondering whether keyless entry is worth all the hype, then read on! And since keyless entry much like other comfort and convenience feature is something that not all cars offer, treat this more like my personal opinion rather than a general notion.

What is “Keyless Entry”?

Keyless entry

Simply put, keyless entry is a technology that allows a user to lock/unlock the vehicle without using conventional keys, or pressing any buttons. However, the term “Keyless Entry” does not mean that there is no key at all rather it implies that there is “no need” for a conventional metal key to lock/unlock and even turn on the ignition.

The Keyless Entry feature in modern-day cars is fulfilled by a smart key that has a built-in transponder inside that is linked to the vehicle it unlocks. When the smart key is within a particular range from the source vehicle, it responds to the vehicle’s signal and activates it, so that it can be locked/unlocked without a physical key. When activated, the ignition of the vehicle can also be started without the need of inserting the key anywhere. As a safety precaution, the vehicle cannot be locked as long as the smart key is inside.

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Do you really need one?

Do you really need Keyless Entry?

Well, first things first, keyless entry is a convenience feature. When your hands are full with groceries bag, or if you are simply carrying your child around, a simple touch of a button or a slide of your feet can lock/unlock the car or the boot. But even though Keyless Entry offers a convenient way of locking/unlocking the vehicle and also starting the ignition, the convenience factor isn’t as high when you look at it that way. There will only be a few situations when you will actually feel the want of not having a smart key.

Secondly, many people argue that with keyless entry on board, there’s an added layer of security for your vehicle as well. Since smart keys are based on a unique code transponder system, it makes stealing your vehicle a lot harder for amateur thugs. But when we look at modern-day vehicles that come with convention keys as well, features like chip-based keys, engine immobilizers etc., provide ample security when it comes to amateur thugs.

Moreover, the cost of replacement for a smart key is substantially higher than that of a conventional key. This means that in an unfortunate event where you happen to damage/lose your smart key, the cost of repair/replacement will make you feel quite guilty about it!

Lastly, keyless entry as a feature is something that only top-end models generally happen to have. Thus, paying a hefty difference just to enjoy keyless entry doesn’t seem like a very smart deal, since modern-day vehicles with conventional keys too are now built with added security systems such as engine immobilizers etc.

The Bottom Line

Car Keys

With both upsides and downsides to it, keyless entry as a convenience feature is worthy enough if it happens to be a feature that is onboard the vehicle you are eyeing. If you’re planning to pay extra just to get the feature, then it is something that can surely be avoided. But since that’s more of my personal opinion, you still can go for it if you think that its upside outweighs the downsides. Till then stay pinned to the GoMechanic Blog for everything automotive.

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