Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has put up a draft to allow Color blind people to get a Driving License. They have also asked suggestions from all stakeholders and the public on this new proposed amendment in the Motor Vehicles Act.

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This affects colour blind people across the country that can perform every function needed to drive a car. Many countries across the world have already removed this restriction.

The New Draft

Ministry Of Road Transport
Ministry Of Road Transport

This draft came only after consultation with medical experts. After listening to demands raised by citizens the Ministry has issued a notification GSR 176E for an amendment to Form 1 and 1A of Central Motor Vehicle Rules.

After gathering data from various stakeholders the Ministry is expected to change the rules and allow colour blind people to obtain a driving license.

It is to be noted however someone with severe or total colour blindness will not be allowed to obtain a driving license. The new draft states that the currently present question ‘ Can you distinguish between the colour Red and Green’ will be removed. There will still be a medical fitness test to ensure the applicant doesn’t have total or severe colour blindness.

What Is Color Blindness and the current Driving License rules

Colour blindness is a disease which causes an inability to perceive some shades of colour. It usually involves people being unable to identify the difference in colour. A total of 8% of males and 0.4% of females suffer from congenital colour blindness which makes it impossible for them to acquire a driving license irrespective if they are able to perform every action needed to drive a car.

Rules About Color Blindness In Foreign Countries

European Union has removed restrictions of colour blind people while in the USA a colour blind person will not be able to obtain a commercial driving license.

This draft if successfully implemented will help a lot of colour blind people get a driving license.

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