So, if you still haven’t applied for a driving licence yet or were thinking of applying for one. Then it seems you might have to get through a series of new and more stringent tests.

These new and more stringent driving license norms skill tests include – reversing the vehicle with utmost accuracy. Additionally, the passing percentage for all regions has also been increased to 69%.

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Driving License norms gets more stringent
Driving License norms gets more stringent

Over 50 motor driving schools and institutions are authorised by the NCT and have been instructed to follow the new rules, said Nitin Gadkari.

The Minister of Road and Transport also said, during the test all the applicants will be shown a demonstration on an LED screen installed in all dedicated ADTT’s (Automated Driving Test Tracks.

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Additionally, a video link will be provided to all the applicants at the time an applicant booking the driving skill test. In a written reply, Nitin Gadkari also notified that certain service related to obtaining a driving license has also been made online with the help of Aadhar card authentication.

All these steps have been taken to help the citizens and also to reduce the average footfall in an RTO. This will eventually increase the overall efficiency of the employees.

Moreover, the union minister also added that all driving licenses can be renewed between the first year of their expiry and till a year after their expiry to help all citizens living away or abroad.

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