According to the notification of the Union Road Transport and Highways Ministry issued this Thursday a number of driver’s license services will be made entirely online. This means one can get the benefit of a myriad of services from the comfort of their own home. But, the only catch is that the person has to be equipped with an Aadhaar card.

The services available online includes registering vehicles, getting a learner’s permit, renewing the driving license and many others. Surely this could sweep the era of those long queues at the RT office into oblivion.

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Three weeks earlier, the ministry had issued a draft order allowing people to link their driving license and RC with their Aadhaar number. Any citizen can take advantage of these contactless services by validating their Aadhaar. If a person does not possess an Aadhaar card, they can use an Aadhaar Enrolment ID slip instead.

However, even before the draft order, the Government had offered some driving license-related services via their online portal. But it is only since March 3 can we make use of many of these resources exclusively online. So, this has eliminated the need to be physically present at the RT office.

18 Driving License Services Available Online

Citizens of the country can utilise 18 services without needing to visit the RTO. Using their Aadhaar number they can apply for the transfer of ownership of a vehicle, get a duplicate of the registration certificate and get approvals like the No Objection Certificate online. Besides these, a citizen can get a learner’s, international driver’s permit or duplicate driving license.

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Here are some of the other Aadhaar-based driving license-related services offered online-

  • Renewing the driving licence (only when retesting is not needed)
  • Updating or changing the address in the driving licence or the RC
  • Surrendering license to add a new vehicle class
  • Announcing a change of address in the Certificate of Registration
  • Endorsing and terminating of hire-purchase agreements
  • Citizens can also apply for a temporary registration online

According to the Ministry of Road Transport, the new system will enhance transparency and effectiveness. This will also bring down the ‘compliance burden’ on the people. Obtaining these amenities using the internet will also save both time and money. 

The nation is on the warpath against Covid19. This will hopefully promote social distancing by dispersing the crowds at the Road Transport Offices.

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