So, how do you drive? On edge, a bit aggressive? Or laid back and composed?
Whatever may be your style, We at GoMechanic, are here to show you how your Driving Style can affect vital parameters of your vehicle.

But first, let us clear the air.

GoMechanic in no way endorses rash driving/drunk driving or any kind of driving for that matter that poses a hazard to the driver and the pedestrians.
We are staunch advocates of Safe Driving; we believe that everyone’s entitled to use the road and one should religiously respect the rules and regulations drafted for our safety.

Back to the case, It has been established that everybody has their style when it comes to driving a car. No two individuals drive alike, and that’s a fact, they may be similar but with subtle differences.

In this Blog Post, we analyse the two most popular types of drivers (and their driving style).

“Drive it like you stole it” aka Performance Driving

Bentley Odometer/RPM increasing with Aggressive Driving Style

Car Odometer Speeding

So, you are a fan of the Fast and the Furious franchise or The Transporter series eh?
Well, aggressive driving for sure may look cool and feel exciting, but the fact is that such driving style affects your vehicle health in a lot of ways(fuel economy strikes first).

It may be even dangerous to you and the pedestrians around you, as aggressive driving induces a lot of stress and rush in the body and mind hence, you are more susceptible to make a mistake.
Driving aggressively means that the person behind the wheel likes to be at a higher speed than the puny mortals around him. Taking the car to its maximum rev band at every gear is how they roll. For them, the drive should be exhilarating no matter what they own, be it an economy hatchback or an exquisite sportscar (then we don’t blame them here)
Added to that they also take turns, overtake and manoeuvre with the pedal hard to the floor.

Such individuals don’t need an excuse to test the absolute limits of their vehicles; it’s not that they are late for someplace to be, it’s just how they drive.

What does your Car feel about this?
First and foremost, your Car may or may not take this well.

-Fuel economy goes down instantly; Taking the car to its maximum revolutions in every gear makes the engine work hard, the car draws in more fuel just for the sake of giving you the thrills. Hence, your car returns an absurd mileage quite contrary to what the spec sheet said.

-There is also accelerated wear and tear of components in your vehicle viz. the suspension system; taking India in the purview; high speed+nastly potholes= collapsed/leaky/damaged suspension.

Jeremy Clarkson Speeding

In most obvious of scenarios, this kind of driving can get you to see the Cops more often also as complimentary a few dings and dents here and there on your 4-wheeled also reduces the lifespan of your beloved commuter.

Driving aggressive, foot hard to the pedal- some say it’s a lifestyle (We are not here to judge).

We don’t want to be fun killers but keep it safe, will you?

Driving like a Saint- The Saner way

Careful Driving Style

You are calm and composed, are in no hurry, and you don’t want to overwork your beloved hatch. This is what defines a relaxed driver. You take it easy on the pedal and the gear as well. Driving on the tamer side is your USP.
Revving is a big no-no, and 40-60 km/h (subjective) is the happy spot.

Owing to your laid-back attitude, you are a saint on the roadways, you give way to pedestrians, don’t hog the lane, in all you are a good Samaritan.

We, for sure, approve of this style and the way you behave on the road also the way you treat your car.

What does your car feel about this?
Your car is at its best, thanks to you.
The fuel economy is in its best range (can be even better); the car stays in a more stable rev band hence the engine barely sips fuel.

No hard shifting, excessive engine braking, so that in turn takes care of the gears and cogs of the car, also fewer trips to the service centre.
This kind of driving also ensures that your car looks and performs like its just out of the showroom.

Added Bonus: You stay in the good books of the cops.

So now that we have segregated the two opposites let us now shine a light on what is the best style of driving?

How it should be done

Delhi Traffic

This is the best possible way one can drive ensuring sanity, safety and well being of the car.

How can this be achieved, you ask?

First, one needs to clear the mind of every speck of stress and focus on the job (that is driving). Similar to relaxed driving, one should go easy on the pedal and the shifts
Every car has an “Economy Range” where the engine performs at its maximum efficiency, usually, this falls in the low rev band So, you’ll have to sacrifice a significant chunk of power for the sake of mileage (You win some, you lose some)
This does not mean you have to drive absurdly slow all the time. Stick to the speed limit, Don’t drive 20 km/h in an 80 km/h zone. No matter, the noblest your intentions may be you are unknowingly posing as a  threat on the road to fellow commuters. This also does not mean you should match your speed with the imposed limit,

Best advice is to keep your speed 10km/h lower than what the limit is.

We know speed bumps are irritating, but they are there to keep vehicle’s speed in check. Slow down a bit before you encounter a speed breaker and positively don’t run your car over one at max speed (Your Suspension will never forgive you if you do this).

So what’s your driving style, let us know in the comments section below

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