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Car Paint | Which Is The Easiest Car Colour To Maintain?

When it comes to buying a car, one of the factors that influence the decision is colour. People consider many things as a deciding factor like favourite colour, colour based on astrology, some choose to be subtle with shades of grey while some choose punchy colours like orange. We definitely would advise you to choose the colour you think would suit the car better rather than all those mentioned before. But, apart from that, here is what we think are the colours that are easy to maintain.

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Before we dive into the colours, we would like to inform you that everything depends on the quality of the paint job and that varies from manufacturer to manufacturer and is all the more different when it is done by custom shops. And generally, lighter colour cars are easier to keep clean than darker colours. Grey and silver hide both dust and dirt very easily. White is a good option but can look dirty on the lower sections. Black and dark metallic colours highlight dust, water spots and imperfections so often look the dirtiest.

Let’s take a look at each colour individually :


Black car
Black Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

I understand that black has a very special place among the colours as it looks sinister and drop-dead gorgeous on a few cars. Some even consider it as a status symbol in having an all-black collection or a black and white combo. Very few people can deny the emotional reaction that a freshly cleaned and detailed black car can have on any onlooker. When done right, there’s nothing quite like it.

  • Among the most dramatic colours visually when detailed correctly.
  • The hottest colour; literally.
  • Not only will the paint heat up to the temperature of the sun, but will cause the interior to heat up proportionately along with it.
  • Black shows every nuance of paint flaws.
  • Will show dust from the moment you stop cleaning, until the moment you start cleaning once again!
  • Experience has shown that unless you have an excess of time and money, the love/hate relationship between your black car will reside mostly on the hate.


White car
White Rolls Royce Ghost

White symbolizes peace and elegance and many in India prefer white so much so that every model released in India will have an option of white colour. While it is definitely easier to maintain than darker colours like black, it is not the easiest for sure. Here are a few things you should know about the colour :

  • One of the easiest colours to own; makes it on the top 3 for ease of maintenance.
  • White car paint hides dirt and grime very well overall.
  • Shows the road grime kicked up by tires far better than any other colour.
  • White car paint still remains the most popular car colour.
  • Just like in the fashion world, white makes things look larger as opposed to the slimming and reducing colour of black.
  • Most forgiving with heat/temperature factors.
  • Interiors of these car paint colours usually come in black, grey, or tan; black is the best choice for all-around ease of maintenance as the lighter interiors will show actual dirt much more.

Dark Blue

Blue car
Blue Mclaren 620S

The Dark blue colour is more relative to black and hence has almost the same characteristics.

  • Not black, but almost as difficult.
  • Will not reach the surface temperature that black will sit in the sun soaking up all those UV rays, but close!
  • Still very dramatic visually and definitely will cause that good emotional reaction with people.
  • Scratches and swirl marks that can occur when using a brush or sponge to clean the car are also more visible than lighter colors


Red car
Red Ferrari Laferrari

This is among the top 3 most bought colours and the picture above clearly shows why. Red catches people’s eyes easily as it pops out when compared to other colours. The only thing is that it tends to look quite dull more easily if dust gathers on the surface and if left unattended it reduces the longevity of the shine of the colour.

  • Much easier than black, but still difficult when it comes to dust, swirl marks, spider-webbing, etc.
  • Much friendlier than the darker colours with regard to heat transfer from UV rays from the sun.
  • A real head turner when detailed to perfection.
  • Red certainly creates a strong emotional reaction from people and seems most appropriate on sports cars as a rule.


Silver car
Silver coloured Mercedes SLS AMG

The colour Silver/Grey is not too popping on the eyes nor is it too subtle like the darker colours. These cars are one of the easiest colours to keep clean because they hide dust more easily than black and darker coloured cars, and also do not highlight mud that builds upon the lower panels as much as white cars.

  • The easiest, most forgiving colour of all car paint colours.
  • Dust doesn’t show until a healthy layer has been allowed to accumulate.
  • Since it is not white, road grime that gets kicked up from the road is less noticeable than that of a white car.
  • Virtually as forgiving with regards to heat transfer as white due to its light colour.
  • Another pro of silver cars is that they don’t get too hot in the sun.

Now sometimes no matter how much you take care of the paint, there will be fading or dullness due to external factors and mostly due to ageing. However, if you want to fix it then you can definitely choose to get it done with GoMechanic. Now why GoMechanic is a good question and here are the reasons why :

  • Premium Dupont/Nippon paint
  • 2 years paint warranty
  • 100% colour match
  • Grade-A Primer
  • Dedicated automotive paint booth
  • Last but not least: A very satisfied and happy customer base

Now heading onto the lesser famous/preferred colours.


Orange car
Orange Kia Seltos

Orange is a good car colour to choose if you want something a bit different, but not too difficult to maintain. Orange-coloured cars often hide light dust and dirt quite easily in comparison to darker colours, but not as easily as white, grey, and silver. If you live in a hot dusty climate, then lighter shades work best, but if you often drive in rainy weather, darker shades will look cleaner for longer


Yellow car
Yellow Chevrolet Camaro

Yellow cars hide light dust easily, but highlight mud on the lower panels that builds up if you drive in the rain. It’s a relatively easy colour to keep clean compared to darker options but is not nearly as easy as a white, silver, or grey finish. The number of cars coming in this colour might be less but still looks good on a few of them.


Green car
Green Mercedes AMG GT

Green is a relatively easy car colour to keep clean because it hides dust and dirt quite well, as well as mud splashes on the lower sections. Green is an easier colour to keep clean than black, or other dark colours, but shows imperfections more easily than white, grey, and silver. Again, the options might be limited but some of them do look good with a good paint job and a good paint job is what you get at GoMechanic.

Gautam Ganesh
A believer in "Four wheels move the body, two wheels move the soul." An avid car and bike enthusiast. Anything that has a handle or a steering wheel, excites me.



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