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Electric Car Owners! Google Maps Got Your Back

Google has added a new feature in its Maps app which allows people to search for an Electric car charging station near them which is a welcome feature for people owning EV.

As the Electrical vehicle trend is gaining traction and every day more and more people are interested in buying such vehicles it was only a matter of time before Google added this feature. It allows you to search for an electric car charging station near you and also lets you know which socket it consists of.

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Major ports that are easy to find as of now are CHAdeMO and CCS which are found on the likes of Hyundai Kona which was released in summer this year. However, countries like the US and UK have also received an option to choose preferred plug type and only see searches for those plugs.

Read About: Hyundai Kona Vs MG ZS EV | Head To Head
Read About: Hyundai Kona Vs MG ZS EV | Head To Head

The charging port near you is a welcome addition to the arsenal of features that Google Maps has and allows people with Electrical vehicles to figure out how far they are to the next charging port. It also helps you avoid the frustration to reach a charging port after taking instructions from random people only to find that the port that they have is not the one you use. 

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Finding the charging station is as easy as finding a nice restaurant to eat near you. Just open maps app on your Android or iPhone and just type charging stations near me in the search bar. The map then will show you all the possible charging stations available near your location near being as closest to your location as possible and allow you to map out which is the closest and supports the same port as the one you use.

Electric Vehicle Owners! Google Maps Got Your Back
Electric car Owners! Google Maps Got Your Back

 Such an addition makes the transition from conventional fuels to electrical fuels a bit easier at it removes another aspect of a little bit of frustration to find new spots to recharge your electric car when most of us are really comfortable with our usual petrol and CNG refuelling stations.

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