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Electric Car Sales Report 2019 | Let’s See Who Won?

Is it too early to say that the Era of electric cars has begun? Well, we could say that as for the very first time we bring you the sales report for electric cars from April 2019 till October 2019.

Electric Car Sales Report 2019 | Who Won?
Electric Car Sales Report 2019 | Who Won?

According to leading media reports, till now our electric vehicle sales number have reached upto 1,071 units since April-October 2019. Although the number seems to be quite low but overlooking the current line-up from top brands like MG, Hyundai and our very own Tata we could surely see some progress in the coming period.

During these 7 months between April-October, Mahindra has topped the charts for selling the most number of electric cars by selling over 434 units of the eVerito and only 21 units of the E20.

The second place was scored by India’s own homegrown boutique brand Tata which has managed to sell 389 units of the Tigor EV. The Third place was scored by Hyundai which managed to sell only 2227 units of the Kona Electric SUV.

Out of the overall all cars sales of more than 16,00,000 sold within the designated quarter, The EV sales has been accountable for only 0.067% which on an average can be calculated as almost 153 electric cars sold per month in India.

However, with the changing consumer trend, we could say that the era of electric cars have begun as major brands have started to bring in their electric variants in order to experiment with the changing trend and likings for electric cars.

Share your thought about the era of the electrics in the comments section.

Jaskaran Singh Bhola
Jaskaran Singh Bhola
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