Every single spare part of a vehicle go through wear and tear and needs replacement after some time. From big parts like the braking machinery to even small things such as tiny screws, everything has its limited life, and today we are here to educate you on a very important part, Engine mount.

What is an engine mount?

The primary function of these mounts is to support the motor and also absorb vibrations when the machinery is working. In doing so it prevents unnecessary damage to the engine due to these vibrations and also prevents noise and all in all, improves operator comfort.

Why does it require replacement?

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Volkswagen Engine Bay

No matter the quality of engine mounts, they begin to wear down after usage and eventually require replacement. Not replacing an engine mount that is past its prime can inflict damage to the engine, cause discomfort for operators and potentially be a safety risk if the engine isn’t secured.

 When does it need replacement?

Engine mounts are pretty robust and usually last for 5-7 years before they wear off. But regular checks and inspections are always a good idea.

Now, how would you know if there is something wrong with the engine mount? Don’t worry, we got you!

  • Increased Vibrations

If you notice a sudden unusual increase in vibration and noise then there is a high chance that your engine mount needs replacement. If this mount is damaged, its vibration absorption property weakens. So if you experience this, do get your car checked.

  •  Uneasy or Rocky start

If there’s a sudden lurch or feel a rocky start when you start your vehicle then there is a high chance that your engine mount is damaged and it needs a check

  •  Bumpier Ride

The engine mount is attached to the transmission in some way and you’ll feel a sudden jolt while changing gears then it’s likely that and you usually feel at high speeds when the machinery is not functioning smoothly. In such a case, stop and take your car to the near GoMechanic workshop for a check.

  •  Noise

A well-used motor mount can regularly prompt ‘thumps’ and ‘bangs’ inside its environmental factors/motor sound. This is because of the motor moving around more than typical and connecting with different parts, which thusly can cause sway sounds that become very perceptible.

  • Visual Wear and Tear

There is no significant damage that you can see visually to the engine mount. However, if you see small cracks, it is most likely that there is significant damage to the engine mount. Also if you see any cracks or flaking to the rubber part, it can severely affect the performance of the vehicle. The smoothness of the vehicle is directly in relation to the shape and form of the engine mount so it’s important that it remains in topnotch condition.

So there you go, all you need to know to keep your engine mount safe and healthy!

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