The 10 Bare Essentials Features That Should Be On Every Car

The 10 Bare Essentials Features That Should Be On Every Car

Carmakers in India have to make an extraordinary effort to survive in the market. Hence, one time or the other, some manufacturer brings some new features to stand out from the crowd. That said, among all the features, there are some we think are essential, either for comfort or for safety, and should be on every car.

  1. 6 Airbags

    6 Airbags To Be Mandatory In All Cars Very Soon!

    Starting with the basics, every car should get 6-airbags. Not that they aren’t available, it’s just this so-called FEATURE is available as an option mostly in the top-end trims. But the addition of these 6 balloons on every variant will be reassuring. But yes, for obvious reasons, the cost will drastically go up.

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  2. 360 – Degree Camera

    360-Degree Camera- How It Works And Is It Useful? Explained!

    Another feature we think should be a part of every car’s kit is the 360-degree camera. Nowadays many cars like the Mahindra XUV700, Kia Seltos, Nissan Magnite, and others come with a 360-degree camera. These are a boon, especially in cars that are a size larger and require extra precision in tight spots.

  3. Blind Spot Monitoring

    Blind Spot Detection

    Another safety feature that would come in handy in real situations is the blind spot monitoring system. This system is super useful in driving conditions like in India. This feature has a proximity sensor at the back end of the vehicle, and whenever a car or vehicle comes closer to your vehicle, orange or yellow light in the ORMVs will light up to warn you. It was the MG Astor that is currently the most affordable vehicle with this feature.

    Blind Spot Detection System

  4. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

    2020 Honda City TPMS

    The addition of a safety feature is always welcome. Hence, the other one on the list we could enjoy hassle-free drive is the tyre pressure monitoring system. This system allows knowing either the exact amount of tyre pressure or its condition of pressure. Additionally, it also warns the driver if there is a puncture.

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  5. Multiple Driving Adjustments

    Power steering with Tilt and Telescopic Adjustment / Essentials Car Features

    Diving is second nature to some, even if it is not, a comfortable driving position is always a boon. And the only possible way to have that is to have multiple driving position adjustments. These include tilt and telescopic steering adjustment for the steering wheel. And height, rake, and distance of the seat adjustment from the steering. Many cars in the market omit, telescopic steering and seat height adjust.

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  6. Switchable Electronic Driver Aids (ABS, EBD, ESP, and others)

    ESP (Electronic Stability Program) & TCS (Traction Control System) Explained / Essentials Car Features

    Not all the people driving a car have the same skillset, so it is always reassuring to have a safety net of electronic aids. These aids include ABS, EBD, TC, ESP hill hold control, hill descent control, and others. Well, of course, to have a little fun for experienced drivers, the ability to turn them off is what petrol heads will crave for. Talking about ABS and EBD, after the new norms of BNVSAP, these have already been mandated.

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  7. Air Purifier

    Air Purifier / Essentials Car Features

    A person living in a metro city knows the condition of air in that city, especially Delhi NCR. Having an air purifier in-build will give extra protection from the contaminated air. Additionally, these air purifiers can also act as perfume defusers so that your car always smells as good as new.

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  8. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay

    Wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay / Essentials Car Features

    Who doesn’t like some entertainment? In today’s world of cars, an infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay is all that one needs. These two platforms allow almost all the users using a smartphone to connect with the infotainment system of the vehicle. It is +1 if the car comes with wireless connectivity for them. No need to worry about cables.

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  9. Ventilated Seats

    Front Ventilated Seats | Kia Sonet / Essentials Car Features

    India is a country that experiences all the extremes of climates. For instance, extreme cold in December and January and extremely hot in May and June. And extreme hot is something that is rather difficult to tolerate. Hence with the addition of features like ventilated seats, the driving experience is totally new. But not many carmakers have started giving them in their cars, including, Tata and Maruti Suzuki.

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  10. Rear windshield wiper and defogger

    Rear Defogger | Must-have Comfort features on cars / Essentials Car Features

    Everyone experiences the same weather conditions. How does the fact that you have a top-end variation and I have a base variant imply that I will not have any problems in the rain or that my rear glass will not fog? Taking this into account, manufacturers should guarantee that the roads are safe for everyone and that all vehicles are equipped with basic safety measures such as rear defoggers and wipers.

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So, here were 10 car features we think are essential and every variant of a vehicle should come with one. Let us know in the comment section, which feature is your favorite? Also, is there any feature did we miss?