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EV Cars Vs HEV Cars | What Works In India?

India’s electrification race has begun with all manufacturers working on their EV candidates. India is still not ready for EVs and needs time to develop a charging infrastructure at least. While we are seeing new EVs being launched, we also witnessed an HEV launched recently. But what suits India better?

  • What are EVs?

    2022 Tata Nexon EV MAX Launched. Starts At ₹17.74 Lakh⚡
    2022 Tata Nexon EV MAX Launched. Starts At ₹17.74 Lakh⚡

    EVs are cars that are run by electric motors with an electric battery on board. Their specific details depend on the total weight and the battery’s capacity. As there is no engine and zero-emission, it also does not consist of any fuel linkages or exhaust systems, which reduces the mechanical moving parts.

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    They have to be recharged and have a driving range on a single full charge, along with features like regenerative braking adding on to it. EVs are significantly quieter, and as they are zero-emission vehicles, they are suitable for the environment too. They have a higher buying price, but the ownership cost is low in the long run.

    But the EV infrastructure in India is still in the development phase, and we dont have any EVs with an exceptional driving range as of now. This contributes to issues like range anxiety, and the charging time is also at least 3-4 hours unless you have a fast charger.

  • What are HEVs?

    Honda City e:HEV Hybrid Officially Launched At ₹19.50 Lakh
    Honda City e:HEV Hybrid Officially Launched At ₹19.50 Lakh

    HEV: Hybrid Electrical Vehicle. These cars have two power sources; one petrol and the other is electric. Both sources work together to power and rotate the wheels, which leads to lesser fuel consumption, thereby enhancing the overall fuel efficiency. They offer better fuel efficiency and power than conventional vehicles.

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    The battery pack of HEV cars is more minor than EVs, and they are better suited for long drives as they might save you a gas station halt. Whenever the car is cruising or braking, excess power is utilized to charge the batteries on board and enhance the range further.

  • Difference between EVs & HEVs?

    Specifications Hybrid Cars Electric Cars
    Power/Fuel Source Electricity and Fossil Fuel (Petrol and Diesel) Electricity Through Battery Pack (DC)
    Engine Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) and Electric Motor(s) Electric Motor(s)
    Fuel Efficiency Combination of ICE and Battery Range Depend on Battery Range
    Emission Level Higher Compared to Electric Cars Lower Compared to ICE and Hybrid Cars
    Price Range Similar to Conventional ICE Cars High
    Charging Not Needed Needed

    Source: Acko

  • What suits India better?

    Types Of EV Chargers And Their Charging Speeds - Explained!
    Types Of EV Chargers And Their Charging Speeds – Explained!

    As we already stated, the charging infrastructure is still under development, with stations increasing throughout the country. Every company invests in this sector, and even the government promotes it with its respective subsidiary schemes. But despite all that, things are going to take time to make India EV ready.

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    Coming to the question, we popped up. While HEVs are better if you want to take your car for long drives, and if you are a road trip enthusiast, HEVs are clearly the choice for you. If you have a short commute on a regular basis, such as in the office, you are better suited with an EV. Its range will be sufficient, and you can also charge it at home or in the office if you have charging sockets.

    As they will still have the IC engine feel along with lower emissions and enhanced range. And considering the current scenario in India, we would recommend HEVs to avoid battling issues such as range anxiety. Which one would you pick?

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